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TGN Sunday Snippets

While I know that it's certainly not as hot as it is in, say, Brisbane right now, the 70-degree weather here in Atlanta is making it rough to think that it's the Holiday Season.
The eggnog and gingerbread cookies (of course homemade), though, are helping.

Speaking of other such bite-size morsels, let's give you a bit to chew on in terms of some news.

Today's offerings include: NatEmo Dice Up On Kickstarter, Siren Miniatures Releases Odins Dwarf Mini, War & Empire II Adds 3rd Century Romans To Kickstarter Campaign, and New Norse Shields Available From Puppets War.

NatEmo Dice Up On Kickstarter

NatEmo Dice
Hi there to all the dice maniacs, dice lovers, dice collectors or just playing with dice (RPG) players. Thank you so much for checking out our first campaign, NatEmo Dice.

After collecting dice and playing RPGs for so many years, we have lots of new ideas just to perform.
Because we love dice, no, WE LOVE DICE!
So now we start here with the new color series

Siren Miniatures Releases Odins Dwarf Mini

He has big gun and don't hesitate to use it - Odis, dwarf with serious firepower is available for you with 15% discount only for 7 days.

War & Empire II Adds 3rd Century Romans To Kickstarter Campaign

Hello everyone, welcome new Backers! That’s a big Goal you guys achieved with the 3rd Century Romans. Now for the long awaited Sassanids.

We opened up the Carthaginian’s surely the best ancient army ever, the Numidians and the Spanish who are also great especially when part of a Carthaginian Army!

Also Unlocked are a few new packs for the Carthaginian’s and Spanish.

Coming up we have The Celtic Armies including Gallic, Ancient British and Galatians, plus their favourite enemy Julius Casear and his Romans and to finish off we have Spartacus (don’t start, you all know I’m Spartacus).

New Norse Shields Available From Puppets War

Norse Shields

Time for something new in the webstore.
Norse Light Shields. Set of six, with two different variants.
Set contains 6 Norse light Shields (2 different), designed to fit 28mm tabletop wargames scale. Supplied unassembed and unpainted. Designed by and sculpted by Puppetswar Art Team