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TGN Sunday Snippets

Hello everyone and welcome to Sunday. It's the start of my favorite week. Thanksgiving is coming up and I simply can't wait. Sure, you may have your favorite holiday as Halloween or Christmas or Australia Day or whatever, and those are certainly all fine holidays. For me? It's Thanksgiving. I only wish I had access to a professional kitchen.

But anyway, that's Thursday. Currently, it's Sunday. That means a few bite-sized stories to bring to you.

Today's batch includes: 28mm Fantasy Rock Army On Indiegogo, Khurasan releases 22nd Century Range, Nexus Miniatures Prize Draw Happening Now, Custom Handmade Dice Bags Up On Etsy, and Geek Fever’s Black Friday Crowd Sale is LIVE.

28mm Fantasy Rock Army On Indiegogo

Sebitar Workshop has launched a new Indiegogo campaign to fund their line of Rock Warriors army.

Hard as rock, they roll into battle to crush their enemies.

These warriors could be used in any fantasy battles setting or skirmish games in 28mm scale. Might be also good for other games like Super Dungeon Explore, Songs of Blades and Heroes etc.

Khurasan releases 22nd Century Range

We are very pleased to release the first faction of our 22nd century range, the Jong-PAC, the combine of Asian powers. They are available now.

The first three codes available are Jong-PAC riflemen, Jong-PAC squad weapons and command, and the Heavy Mag-Lev droid, the Eight-Dragons.

The United Systems Marine Corps and the alien Acarines will be released next. Thanks.

Nexus Miniatures Prize Draw Happening Now


I meant to post this a couple of days ago, but I've been really REALLY ill for a few days now - and I'm only just seeing the back end of it.

"IT'S A BIG THING!" is meant as a big thankyou to everyone who's supported the Nexus Endeavour - from now until the release day of our most excellent Pre-Orders of the Seraphis Institute (Ruby James, Dr Steele, P.b, Sterling Mercury, Agent Solo, and Major Colt) and our first Deadling Hero "The Prophet" all orders (including those placed already) that have a pre-order item in their order - will have their names placed into a draw - the winners of which can win one of the following.

1st Prize for the Draw is a Ral Partha T-Rex RRP £24.95

2nd Prize for the Draw is a Mark I Blackwood Industries Sentry Unit RRP £15.00

3rd Prize for the Draw is a Mark II 'M.A.T.A.T.' (Mobile All Terrain Automated Trooper) 'Eddie-29' RRP £15.00

4th Prize for the Draw is a Mark I 'M.A.T.A.T.' (Mobile All Terrain Automated Trooper) RRP £13.00

The names will be drawn at random, for each prize - once your name has been picked - you will not be "left in the hat" for the rest of the draws. No cash alternative is offered, and your Prize will be shipped with your pre-order.

If you place more than one pre-order during this time, your Prize will be shipped with your Winning Order!

Custom Handmade Dice Bags Up On Etsy

Dice Bag

New Harley Quinn, Deadpool and Firefly Dice BagS! Thanks for visiting Sew Bold's home on Etsy. Important: I use the most economical shipping method possible. While it helps save you money, it does mean it will not be there in 2 days. With Christmas fast approaching please order early or let me know before ordering and I can cost out faster shipping. Browse our handmade dice bags and feel free to contact us about other sewn items. I'm happy to work with you on something special.

Geek Fever’s Black Friday Crowd Sale is LIVE

Geek Fever Crowd Sale

For the entire Thanksgiving week, Mars vs. Earth is ON SALE! The more people that join the crowd, the bigger the sale will be for everyone.

All purchases will be delivered before December 25th!

What's a Crowd Sale exactly? Crowd Sales are similar to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, but different in these critical ways:
1. Every person who backs the campaign lowers the final cost, to over $15 off, for ALL backers! No matter what, everyone is guaranteed a 13% discount right of the bat!
2. There's no risk that the product won't be built or meet expectations - it's already published!
3. Immediately following the campaign, we build and ship your product - no waiting!
Essentially, a Crowd Sale removes all the questions of IF, WHAT, and even WHEN. You simply enjoy a massive discount on an award winning game that you will enjoy for years.