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TGN Sunday Snippets

It's another Guns 'N' Roses Weather Day here in GA. We've had one just about every day so far of this month. I'm certainly happy about that. Though I've never lived in the PNW, I've always sort of wanted to, and if popular media is anything to go by, it's like this 365 days of the year. Listening to Soundgarden and Nirvana when it's like this just feels... appropriate.
Though it does mean that glue is taking longer to set as I try and put together this Betrayal at Calth set. But waddyagonnado?

In the meantime, we've got a small batch of bite-sized stories for you today.

They include: There is still time to be a part of The Campaigner Survey 2015, Epic Generator Season 2 is Released, Deraj Studios Launches Slavic Fantasy Miniatures, and Aegis Studios releases Armory 1 under the Hero Kids Compatible License.

There is still time to be a part of The Campaigner Survey 2015


The Campaigner's survey has less than a week before it comes to a close. You still have time to answer some questions and go into the draw to win some cool prizes.

The Campaigner Survey 2015 is a selection of 30 questions about the magazine and website itself, as well as general questions about your hobby interests and habits. When you complete the survey you go into the draw to win a selection of cool games and paraphernalia. Who doesn’t love getting free stuff for talking about themselves!

All the prizes have been generously provided by the many supporters of The Campaigner. You can participate in the survey now, which closes on 14 November 2015.

Epic Generator Season 2 is Released

If you need many card/token/character art, but you lack of talent, this program for you.

Deraj Studios Launches Slavic Fantasy Miniatures

Deraj Studios has launched their kickstarter for 32mm Slavic Fantasy miniatures, featuring characters inspired by slavic mythology and folklore and cast in high quality resin.

Aegis Studios releases Armory 1 under the Hero Kids Compatible License

Armory 1

Armory 1 is a supplement created under the Hero Kids Compatibility License. Inside you will find six new Equipment cards and six new Item cards. These cards are inspired by the fantasy cartoons of my youth and I hope you enjoy them!

I have included two versions of each card. The first version contains stock art along with the description. The second version has a white space where the kids can draw their own Items and Equipment!

Armory 1 was written by Travis Legge

The contents of this book are copyright 2015 Aegis Studios. Hero Kids is a trademark of Justin Halliday and is used with permission. No challenge is intended.

Pick up Hero Kids by Hero Forge Games at http:/

Pick up other games from Aegis Studios at http:/

Please spread the word and share these links on ALL your social media! Pick up these products and get a game going with your kids TODAY!