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TGN Sunday Snippets

Hey kids,

Laundry's getting cleaned, red beans and rice are in the pot for dinner, and I'm about to do some editing for the next issue of Ravage. In the meantime, he's some of the shorter stories we found in the past couple days we wanted you to know about.

Included are: the next update from Manorhouse Workshop about their underground terrain, New preview art and a green from Broken Contract, New Preview of Virgil from Siren Miniatures, New Woodland Indians available from Wargames Factory, New 15mm Tanks from Brigade Models, a new Dark Treeman from Dark Art Studios, Finger and Toe releases new Crates terrain pdf., and Ludus Magnus Studio previews their final render for their Centaur Archer.

Manorhouse Workshop #14 about their Underground Terrain

We continue to present new images of possible compositions that you can get with our new set of modular walls and floors.
Today we “we raise” … in the true sense of the term.
Our walls can be overlapped on each other
thereby obtaining the interiors with very high walls.
The modular design of the walls allows creating imaginative and elaborate architectural solutions,
But, even a simple corridor of an underground or of a castle… creates atmospheres rich in pathos.
Also, do not forget you the potential of the walls “dynamic”, which make the rooms always different and with many secret passages always ready to discover…
Stay Tuned. Lorenzo

New Preview Art and Mini from Broken Contract

December and January have been very exciting months for Broken Contract. All of the people who have been working on this project are hammering away on various projects and the fruits of their labors are all coming together.

John "Geng" Gendall submitted the brutal art above for Billins, the ruthless Prod Overseer. This not the only art he submitted. He also sent over various incarnations of both Overseer Billins, and a more action packed rendition of Officer Lamal Tulson. This new version of Officer Tulson has already been sculpted and is in the revision stage right now, along side three other sculpts that Tim Barry has been working on.

New Previews of Virgil from Siren Miniatures

We are moving closer to launch the store, so take a look how the resin master of Virgil and his little friends look like. Hope you like it - share and comment.

New Woodland Indians Available from Wargames Factory

Woodland Indians

The box set contains 24 highly detailed, 28mm, multi-part plastic miniatures representing more than ten different Native American tribes. The contents are suitable for assembling warriors indicative of the Indian tribes residing in North America during the 18th and early 19th centuries. Contents are the necessary parts to construct 24 Indians plus a myriad of weapons including short bows, muskets, ball-headed clubs and gunstock shaped clubs, tomahawks and knives plus various hair and headdress options.

Sculpted by Kevin E Johnson

Retail of $24.95 USD

Brigade Models Releases new 15mm Tanks

We have four new 15mm vehicles on the website, all tanks and on the lighter side. We have two more additions to the Mercenary Brigade, the Legion Missile System and Warlock Support Tank, both based on the Shaman chassis. The Germans get a remastered version of the Baldur light tank, available either with autocannon or missile turrets.

The Legion and Warlock turrets are both available as options for the Mercenary Turret Bunker.

Platoon Packs are also available for the Legion, Warlock and Baldur tank. These have three tanks plus crew and accessories, all for less than the cost of the three individual tanks.

SF15-306 – Baldur Light Tank – £6.00
SF15-306a – Baldur Missile Tank – £6.00
SF15-1504 – Legion Missile System – £8.00
SF15-1505 – Warlock Support Tank – £8.00
SF15-1002q – Mercenary Turret Bunker – £9.00
PP15-306 – Baldur Platoon Pack – £17.00
PP15-1504 – Legion Platoon Pack – £23.00
PP15-1505 – Warlock Platoon Pack – £23.00

New Dark Treeman Miniature from Dark Art Studios

Dark Treeman

Parts include: • 1 body piece • 1 right leg piece • 1 left hand piece
Mini height: approx 60mm. Mini Width: approx 75mm
Material: High quality Resin .
Designers: Emma Farrow & Byron Townshend.

Finger and Toe releases new Crates Terrain pdf


Crates is designed to give you quick and easy to build cover and objectives for your skirmishes. There are two sizes: one inch and two inch cubes, each with six textures from wood to stressed metal. A few minutes of work and you’ve got a warehouse or supply dump full of stacks and aisles.

Ludus Magnus Studio Previews Final Centaur Archer Render

Centaur Archer

Final version of the Centaur Archer by the very talented Valerio Carbone. What do you think about it? We love it!