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TGN Sunday Snippets

Hey everyone. Hope your weekend is going along well. Mine included some time at the mechanic, some time with friends (new and old), and some time watching Good Eats, because every day should include some time watching Good Eats (if it's going to be a good day, anyway.

Quick Sunday Snippets for you today. Two bite-sized stories to nibble on for your Sunday afternoon.

We have: Brigade Models - 15mm Kirin Combat Walker and Arab Armoured Archers Pre-Order From Fireforge Games.

Brigade Models - 15mm Kirin Combat Walker

Brigade Models - 15mm Kirin Combat Walker

Our latest new 15mm release is the Kirin Combat Walker, designed by Kirk Alderfer with input from Zac Braham, the same pairing that created our range of Mercenary vehicles. It’s a one-man bipedal walker with a fearsome array of weaponry - the two arm mounts carry either a 25-cm laser, 2-cm Gatling or 15mm twin powergun, the same weapons as fitted to the Sohei heavy tank. A twin heavy support weapon turret is mounted under the chin, while the shoulders both carry 9-round Manta missile pods (one of these can optionally be exchanged for a long-range sensor pod, most often seen in command suits).

They're available individually or a platoon pack is available with three Kirins – you can choose all of one weapon type, or one of each weapon – which also includes three helmeted crewmen.

SF15-1509a – Kirin with gatlings – £15.00
SF15-1509b – Kirin with heavy lasers – £15.00
SF15-1509c – Kirin with twin powerguns – £15.00

PP15-1509 – Kirin Platoon Pack – £42.50

Arab Armoured Archers Pre-Order from Fireforge Games


It's finally available the pre-order for our new Arab Armoured Archers!

This blister pack contains 6 different resin multi-part figures in 28mm scale of Arab Armoured Archers.

Don't loose the chance to take them with a little discount on the retailer price!

The release date is the 19 of October.