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TGN Sunday Snippets

It's Sunday. Here in the States, it's Father's Day. If you are a father, hope you have a great Father's Day. If you're not a father, I still hope you have a great day, regardless. As for me, I'm sitting here at the start of the last day of CMON Expo 2015. It's been a great time. Very busy, lots of panels yesterday. I hope you enjoyed the reports of all the new stuff. I'll get you a link to the other photo collections here in a minute from yesterday, and there will be some more today.

But anyway, for the moment, we're getting together the bite-sized stories we've come across in the past couple days.

In this batch we have: Dragon Forge Tech-Deck Additions - Expansion Base Set Kickstarter Running Now, Pedion Wall System unlocked, New Dwarves Female Regiment 28mm from Scibor, Fantasy Concept Cards IV: Creatures and Treasures on Kickstarter Now, Dungeon Revolutions is available now from Thomarillion, Amber Portable Weapon and Gun Crew at The Ion Age, 28mm Satyr Group now available from Lone Gunman Games, Khurasan releases planet-killing space monster, Tabletop-Art Ancestral Ruins RL 30mm and 40mm Deals Available Now, Brigade Models - New 15mm Releases, Battle Flag : Cloth Battlemats for Wargames Indiegogo, Q-Workshop to Publish Shadowrun Dice, Secret Weapon Adds Five New Knight Bases, Manorhouse Workshop Launches Underground Terrain Kickstarter, Post Captain Master Index Pt 3 Shore Raids Chapters, and Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Town - Streets & Houses.

Dragon Forge Tech-Deck Additions - Expansion Base Set Kickstarter Running Now

Dragon Forge

Since its launch, The Tech-Deck base series has been a very popular base series for those wishing a technical feel for their basing needs for 28 mm gaming miniatures. But since its initial launch, many new base sizes have been created that needed to be addressed in the Tech-Deck line.

This is where Tech-Deck Additions come in.

Tech-Deck Additions is an expansion set that brings all the new base sizes needed to the Tech-Deck Base series for popular miniature games.

Backer Levels
This campaign will be kept simple and easy to follow. Backing is simple, Choose any reward from those offered, total up the amounts and make your pledge. Pledge levels are $10.00. $50.00, $100.00 and $150.00

Pedion Wall System unlocked


Our backers did it again - yes, another Stretch Goal is down, one that really enhances our range: the Pedion Wall System

The Wall System started as a small side-project, designed to take advantage of the connectivity of the Tiles and add man-made features on them, which can be removed easily and stored away – Pedion style.

Along with the "Wall System", another favorite of mine unlocked: the Pedion Bridge. In the spirit of Pedion, the Bridge is a 3-part flat stone modular construct, designed for the depth and with of the River Tiles. The arches go 1 cm deep to touch water surface and the bridge is 7 cm wide and 14 cm long.
It assembles (magnetically) into one piece or you can dismantle it and store it away without taking any space. If you are getting any River tiles, this is a must have add-on, especially at the £9 price tag.

Desert and Winter Variation photos
Many backers asked for them, so take a look at the first photos from Desert/Winter prototype tiles. The beautiful 15mm and 6mm miniatures of Anne and David Yeomans bring the photographs to life.

New Dwarves Female Regiment 28mm from Scibor

Dwarf Female Regiment

These models are made of high quality resin. The set contains 10 dwarves miniatures and 10 square 20mm scenic bases.
They are unpainted and require assembling.

Fantasy Concept Cards IV: Creatures and Treasures on Kickstarter Now

Fantasy Cards

The fourth in the line of Concept Cards kickstarters is live, and producing an additional four decks; two decks of Creatures and two of Treasures.

Concept Cards are decks of playing cards, and simultaneously tools for roleplaying games; each card containing a fully described concept for when the story goes in an unexpected direction.

On top of all that, each Concept Cards deck comes with a special game that makes use of the fact that the cards all have values in all four suits.

Aethersteel Kickstarter selected as Kickstarter Staff Pick and even more added to the campaign


Aethersteel, the 28mm miniatures game that combines Customized card game aspects with that of tabletop Miniatures games has gotten a lot of praise for their unique design. Now Kickstarter has added their support by making the game one of it's staff picks.

In addition, the O2 Games team has updated the pages look, added new video content, interviews, and more to their page. Check out the new faction videos that go into more detail about the theme of each races deck of cards as well as a deeper look into the lore of Aethersteel.

Dungeon Revolutions is available now from Thomarillion

Dungeon Revolutions

Brickerium and Thomarillion put their "Dungeon Revolutions" plates online now.

Amber Portable Weapon and Gun Crew at The Ion Age


Following up on the excellent IAF071 Planetary Militia 3rd Squad last week we present the rest of our releases for June 2015. There will be no more releases before July. The Planetary Militia get their own portable weapon in the Amber and gunners to operate it. With six variants and a wheeled chassis and tow hook it can be moved with ease on low tech worlds and behind your vehicles such as the Hazelwurm. Read on for more details! Thanks.

28mm Satyr Group now available from Lone Gunman Games

Satyr Group

We now have a new release ready for this year in the Legends of Fantasy line of 28MM figures.

LoF005 Satyr Group

These are 4 Satyr's one with knife, one with blowgun, one with bow and one with flute. The one with the knife is 25mm tall, the other 3 are 30mm tall from the top of there base to the top of there head.

These are now available in the store for purchase....

Khurasan releases planet-killing space monster


We are very pleased to release an enormous space monster for your starship wargaming, the MAGELLANIC NOMAD.

These colossal creatures wander the interstellar void, consuming matter from space, for tens of thousands of years at a time, but eventually they make planetfall, and then ... there goes the neighborhood!

This resin model is available now! The perfect centrepiece model, and great for scenarios -- whether being shadowed by light craft, or taken head-on by a dreadnought...

Acheson Creations Releases Mushroom House and Apple House

Acheson Creations is pleased to release its next Fantasy Words Kickstarter Releases – the Mushroom House and the Apple House

Mushroom House
This 4 1/2 inch (12 cm) by 5 1/4 inch (15 cm) piece in 28mm scale is available for $30USD.

Apple House
This 4 1/2 inch (12 cm) by 5 1/4 inch (15 cm) piece in 28mm scale is available for $30USD.

Tabletop-Art Ancestral Ruins RL 30mm and 40mm Deals Available Now

We have two new "Ancestral Ruins" deals.

30mm deal - 20x random bases
40mm deal - 8x random bases

Brigade Models - New 15mm Releases

It's another bumper week for 15mm SF fans here at Brigade. As well as several more figure packs from the former Armies Army ranges, we have a couple of new 15mm tanks to go along with them.

First up is an upgunned variant of the Mercenary Shaman hovertank - fitted with an long barrel DS gun and upgraded sensors, this variant is known as the Shaman Firefly. One Firefly is generally allocated to each Shaman platoon to provide long-range heavy firepower.

The British forces have received three packs of infantry figures - a 10-man rifle squad plus sections of SAS and some lovely Royal Marine figures in exo-skeleton augmented hardsuits.

Neo-Soviet forces have been augmented by the Rosomakha light tank, plus an 8-man Spetsnaz special forces squad

SF15-160 – British Infantry Squad – £3.75
SF15-163 – SAS (x5) – £2.00
SF15-164 – Royal Marines in Hardsuits (x5) – £5.00
SF15-1204 - Rosomakha - £6.00
SF15-1263 – Spetsnaz (x8) – £3.00
SF15-1501a – Shaman Firefly – £8.00

Battle Flag : Cloth Battlemats for Wargames Indiegogo


After some print testing and a lot of excellent feedbacks, the time's coming to unleash my range of lightweight cloth battlemats. I need visibility so I get on crowdfunding with an offer with discounted prices and a lot of mats covering a large panel of games. All mats are made on synthetic cloth, washable and be ironed with steam.

Q-Workshop to Publish Shadowrun Dice

Shadowrun Dice

The word says it all. Whether your primary gaming is board games, miniatures games, or RPGs, tabletop players of every stripe on every continent love their dice. And Q-workshop produces some of the finest dice anywhere.
“We’re big fans of Q-workshop,” said Randall N. Bills, Managing Developer for Catalyst Game Labs. “I own several bags of their dice. And yet every time I stop by their booth at a con I can’t help but look to see if there are more to grab. That we now are working together to produce the coolest dice you’ve ever seen for Shadowrun … yeah, just fantastic. I only hope that this relationship can lead to other gaming dice, since we might have a few fantastic games that would fit their brand of brilliance like a glove.”
Q-workshop has a license to publish Shadowrun dice. They will start with sets for the Street Samurai, Spellcaster, and Decker. Future sets beyond these three are already being planned.

Secret Weapon Adds Five New Knight Bases

Urban Rubble

Secret Weapon Miniatures has released five new 168x106mm "Knight" sized bases for their existing Urban Rubble, Trench Works, Iron Deck, Flagstone, and Desert Basin themes.

Manorhouse Workshop Launches Underground Terrain Kickstarter


This Kickstarter is a collaboration between Maki Games and Manorhouse Workshop. Manorhouse Workshop has been in the market for more than 20 years, creating beautiful and detailed resin terrain for players and collectors. However resin terrain is not affordable. We plan to solve this issue here on Kickstarter and allow all gamers in the world a chance to own an amazing and affordable three dimensional dungeon. Thanks to the expertise of Maki Games with plastic kits, the realistic designs of Manorhouse Workshop will be produced in high quality hard plastic at an affordable price.

Post Captain Master Index Pt 3 Shore Raids Chapters

Post Captain real

The last portion of the Master Index is on Shore Raids. Shore raids are a time honored means of extending sea power ashore. Warship detachments can land suddenly, without warning, to capture supply and weapon caches, destroy signal stations, storm shore batteries and isolated forts, and assist cutting out expeditions. Repeated raids in divergent locations frustrate an opponent and tie up valuable military resources needed elsewhere.

Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Town - Streets & Houses


Modular Kit: Town - Streets & Houses is a printable dungeon tileset compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. It can be used as a standalone set, or combined with any same-scale tileset.

Modular Kit: Town - Streets & Houses comprises 64 different tiles that can be printed multiple times and arranged in limitless combinations. There are 14 'house tiles' - each featuring a detailed and furnished house with tables, beds, studies, fireplaces and chairs. The remaining 50 tiles are cobbled streets of various configurations, allowing you to build almost any street layout.