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TGN Sunday Snippets

Hey everyone. It's come time for another edition of Sunday Snippets. Hopefully your weekend is going well. Many of you may have tomorrow off from work as well. We'll be in the office, but we're gonna be having a BBQ in the afternoon. So it'll be a good time had by all! Plus, traffic is going to be a breeze, since all the offices downtown will be closed.
Hey, when you live in Atlanta, a lot of your thoughts turn to how the traffic is going to be. Trust me.

Anyway, in this batch of bite-sized stories we have: Kromlech New Release - Legionary Plasma Gun & Combat Blades, 6 more installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, and The Ministry of Board Games Alternative media network launched.

Kromlech New Release - Legionary Plasma Gun & Combat Blades


every commander wants to have the best equipment as possible for his soldiers.
We know that very well and that's why we keep our production line at high speed all the time. Today we have new model of Plasma Gun* and Combat Blades for your Legionaries. The best on market ! Those combat blades are also very effective as swords for your allied Guardsman.

Richard Launius on Designing Defenders of the Last Stand

Defenders of the Last Stand

Hello, everyone. My name is Richard Launius and I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia but will be moving to Greenville, South Carolina in the near future which is my hometown. I retired from AT&T Yellow Pages line of business about 6 years ago and now get to do full time what I used to do as mostly a hobby – design games. I also play games as a hobby, enjoy sports (all kinds, but mostly Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Football, and NASCAR. Yes, I am from the south and I love NASCAR. I used to play a lot of the sports, but now I just watch them when I can, which seems less than in the past when I would go to a lot of the games and races.

The Fiver with Glenn Drover on Designing Warquest


Hi, Everyone! My name is Glenn Drover, and I’m a game-a-holic.

I’m from outside of Chicago and live there still with my wife, 3 children, and a dog named Cody.
Most of my career has been spent as a sales director for various video game companies including MicroProse, Maxis, Activision, PopCap, and Electronic Arts. In between gigs, I like to go out to lunch as often as possible and do a little board game design.

The Fiver with Peter Gousis on Designing Salvation Road

Salvation Road

Hi, I’m Peter Gousis (pronounced Gooses). I am a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep for money. I am a husband and father for love. And I am a game designer because…because…I got nothing. I got into game design because there were a lot of ideas I had that weren’t yet out there. I like games that are very thematic, that play really quickly. It is hard to find that mixture of American Style grit, with Euro mechanics.

The Fiver with Michael Kelley on Co-designing Salvation Road

Salvation Road

Hi! I’m Michael Kelley, high school English teacher by day, father of a two-year-old by night. Oh, and I design board games with Peter Gousis too though I don’t know where we find the time!

I used to be a professional stage actor, mainly in musicals. I still play guitar and sing in choirs sometimes. And I direct musicals at summer camps. We’re doing The Little Mermaid this year!

Ha, yeah, I’m a dork…

The Fiver with Matt Wolfe on Designing Wombat Rescue

Wombat Rescue

Hey there! My name is Matt Wolfe. I live in North Carolina (the good part, not the part touched by shadow) with my wife, 2 cats, 1 dog, but sadly no wombats. I’m a technical writer by day and a game designer by all other conscious thought.

The Fiver with Matthew Thredgold on Designing Harbour Bridges

Harbour Bridges

Hi, I am Matthew Thredgold, and I am an Australian living in New Zealand. By day, I am a software engineer, and by night I am a board game player and designer.

My first game, Harbour Bridges, has been in development since the start of 2014. The idea for the game to me as my wife and I were walking through a flooded forest in pouring rain in Fiordland, the really wet bit of New Zealand. As soon as I got home I made up a prototype board and convinced my wife to play it. She told me I was onto something with this one. Further refinement from a lot of playtesting and some good ideas from some of my playtesters have let me make it a seemingly simple game to play, but it has some strategic depth to it.

The Ministry of Board Games Alternative media network launched

The Ministry of Board Games

An alliance has been formed… A coming together of mighty forces… A geek army is being recruited; The Ministry of Board Games “alternative” media network is born!

So what you may ask is the aim of this new media network and who is involved? Our aim is and continues to be to create interesting and innovative board game media, but without the namby pamby fear of mature content. Um, you there with the dirty mack, NO! this is not porn move along..Tsk always one isn't there? Ahem. So, some of the shows in the network will have adult humour and language, some will not, but what they all will share is the desire to provide “grown up” board game content.