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TGN Sunday Snippets

Welcome to Sunday. Hopefully you had a good day yesterday. I had my character die in my D&D game, but it was scripted that way, as I am taking back over DM duties for the campaign. It should be a good time.

Anyway, it's Sunday and we've got another batch of bite-sized stories to present to you.

This time we've got: Some more Installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Drill Sergeant free miniature for May at The Ion Age, Brigade Models Release 6mm Mercenaries, Fireforge website back online, BluBot Masking Stencils Kickstarter Stretch Goals Unlocking, Heroic Maps - The Sepulchre of Last Vigil, New 10mm Dark Age Barns from Escenografia Epsilon, and Great Escape Games: fantastic new 4Ground realistic trees.

The Fiver with Michael Milano on Designing Thinktanku


Hello hello, internet! My name is Michael Milano and I am an English teacher living in Chiba, Japan. I am a ramen addict who loves to design, travel, and, of course, play BOARD GAMES!

The Fiver with Rhodrick Magsino on Designing Alewood


Hey, my name is Rhodrick Magsino. I’m a Chicago native and have been working as a Supervising Sound Editor & Creative Producer for film for about 8 years. My passion for film derives all from my fascination of “immersion.” Great entertainment soaks you into gritty details of the world it creates. It’s that level of immersion that got me into gaming. It started with D&D and moved on to Arkham Horror, Resistance & any game with heavy thematics & clever mechanics.

The Fiver with Paul Quinn on Designing Zombie Mutation

Zombie Mutation

Hello, this is Paul Quinn from Pixel Productions, I am part of the team responsible for creating the Zombie Mutation™ Board Game. I enjoy playing guitar, watching sci-fi and playing all types of board games.

10 Years ago, Chris London and Paul Quinn launched Pixel Productions with a passion for designing and developing products. Over the years, we have been involved with many board game projects for other companies.

The Fiver with Ryan Wolfe on Designing Shadowstar Corsairs

Shadowstar Corsairs

Hi, I’m Ryan Wolfe and I’m a full-time dad and part-time starship designer living in Pittsburgh PA. I’m on the geezer side of the gamer scale, so I’ve been at it for a long time. I was in the video game industry back in the day but have been strictly table-top for a decade or so now. I’ve been creating ship deck plans and miniatures for role playing games and now I’m using those assets as the foundation for my first board game.

The Fiver with Odd Hackwelder on Designing Ninja Bowling

Ninja Bowling

Hello, I am Hack. I am also known as Odd Hackwelder. I have been a graphic designer and artist for over 24 years. For the past year and a half, I have been focusing on game design, the new love of my life. I feel like everything I have done in my life has been in preparation for my career as a game designer and publisher, I am originally from Syracuse, New York. For over 10 years now I have been living in Taiwan with my wife and two kids. I run my own art school and teach at a private American High school.

Drill Sergeant free miniature for May at The Ion Age


Welcome to May 2015 at The Ion Age. After a frankly massive month in April we have a new free monthly miniature put into every order for free! A Drill Sergeant excellent for instructing your Planetary Militia or any other 15mm near future or science fiction troops. Click through to read more and see more images including a photo with the Steornade Battlesuit. Withdrawn from free June 1st. Thanks for Reading.

Brigade Models Release 6mm Mercenaries

6mm Mercenaries

Following hot on the heels of our Desert Dome buildings that were released earlier this week, we've added our new 6mm Mercenary vehicles to the website today. There are eleven vehicles in total plus five packs - an army pack plus four varied company packs. These vehicles, designed by Zac Braham and Kirk Alderfer, have been one of our best sellers in 15mm and we hope that'll they'll be just as popular in the smaller scale.

IC-1501 – Mercenary Army Pack – £35.00
IC-1511 – Mercenary Light Tank Company – £8.75
IC-1512 – Mercenary Heavy Tank Company – £14.00
IC-1513 – Mercenary Infantry Company – £11.75
IC-1514 – Mercenary Support Company – £8.75
SF300-1501 – Shaman- £0.75
SF300-1501a – Shaman Firefly- £0.75
SF300-1502 – Sohei with DS Gun – £1.25
SF300-1502a – Sohei with Gatling – £1.25
SF300-1502b – Sohei with Heavy laser – £1.25
SF300-1502c – Sohei with Twin Powergun – £1.25
SF300-1503 – Magnus APC – £1.00
SF300-1504 – Legion MRL – £0.75
SF300-1505 – Warlock – £0.75
SF300-1507 – Wizard Jeep – £0.50
SF300-1508 – Ontos Tank Destroyer – £0.75

Fireforge website back online


After a long maintenance the Fireforge's Website is now turned online.

BluBot Masking Stencils Kickstarter Stretch Goals Unlocking

A number of new designs have been added to the BluBot Masking kickstarter, and more are planned, but your support is needed!

BluBot Masking Stencils are a painting aid designed for use when painting scale models and miniatures. They are ideally suited for use with an airbrush, but may also be used with a sponge, spray can or dry brush.

Check out BluBot Masking Stencils of Facebook for the most up to date design additions!

Heroic Maps - The Sepulchre of Last Vigil


Contents: A small crypt built into rock, and containing several tombs and sarcophagi. Candles, skulls and grave goods decorate the plinths and tombs of the long-dead paladins.

Uses: Seek the wisdom of the Order, come and pay your respects to the ancient dead, destroy the evil force that has corrupted the mausoleum and filled it with restless spirits.

Also included is a 300dpi full size jpg, for poster printing or VTT.

New 10mm Dark Age Barns from Escenografia Epsilon

Is available in the epsilon web the new reference in 10mm. This time we are created two barns for the Dark Ages period. The price for the two barns is €10 and we send the product painted and Ready2Play.

Great Escape Games: fantastic new 4Ground realistic trees

4Gound have released a delicious set of deciduous woodland trees that come ready to use out of the pack! These are not your usual toilet-brush model tree, but made for both realism and wargaming practicality. They are released on May 7th and available to order now from the Great Escape Games website.

There are 15 different tree sets available, and they may be purchased in bundles at a discount.

(From the 4Ground website): each 4Ground Deciduous Woodlands pack comes with enough double sided pre-primed scenic tree basing for all of the trees in the pack. The individual trees are secured to their individual round bases that in turn neatly locate within their collective woodland base (woodland bases can have locations for up to five trees).

This has two helpful advantages, allowing you to manoeuvre your troops through dense areas of woodland terrain, by easily lifting trees out of the way of oncoming troops and replacing them where they were before the troops were placed. The second advantage is that the edges of these woodland bases allow you to easily see where the boundary of your woods begins and ends (for larger wooded areas butt woodland bases up together).