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TGN Sunday Snippets

It's Sunday. Hopefully you had an epic Saturday of gaming. For those that went to Salute, I hope it was a blast. I'm really jealous of those that were able to go. It's a show I'd love to make it to at some point in time.

My Saturday was full of building the Eisenkern APC from DreamForge-Games. Expect the review of that kit later this week. Sneak Preview: There are 12 trooper minis inside the model. Each model is made up of about 11 pieces. So that's well over 100 parts just for models inside the tank.

Anyway, on to our regular Sunday piece of collecting the bite-sized stories we've come across over the past couple days and presenting them to you now.

In this batch we've got: Entire 28mm Fantasy Dwarf range now released at Alternative Armies, Zen Bins Dice Masters Cases on Kickstarter, More Installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, CROM: Conan Rise of Monsters Circle of Iron tease, Kromlech New Release - Legionaries Spike Hammers and Biker Legs, Battlefront releases Twin 8.8cm FlaK37 Railway Car, Sally 4th Free textures & furniture for Terra Blocks, New Dwarf Beer Maiden from Kabuki Models, Dark Art Studios Spring Releases posted, and Terrible Kid Stuff - New release - The Child Thief.

Entire 28mm Fantasy Dwarf range now released at Alternative Armies

Its a giant week at Alternative Armies..well its a short week if you like Dwarfs like we do. The entire classic 28mm fantasy range DH codes Dwarfs is now re-released! Over sixty different miniatures in packs, singles and a multitude box set too. Excellent for Oldhammer and more! There is a week left in our Spring Offers Month in which you get free shipping and a goody bag too in every order! There is a lot to this news so please click through and browse the infomation and the pictures. Thanks for your time.

Zen Bins Dice Masters Cases on Kickstarter

Zen Bins

Each Zen Bins Collectible Dice Game Storage (CDGS) Core Set Comes With:

3 (Patent Pending) Interlocking Stackable High Quality Molded Plastic Bins (Each Bin Holds 50 (13.5mm) Dice / *Approximately 40 Total Sleeved Cards or 80 Unsleeved)

This core set comes to a Total of holding 100 collectible dice and approximately 160 unsleeved cards (80 sleeved). The top layer serves as the lid but you can keep stacking and it turns into a bin as well. **This makes it so 2 sets (6 bins) will increase your storage capacity to hold 250 dice and 400 unsleeved (200 sleeved cards).**

The Fiver with Eduardo Baraf on Designing The Siblings Trouble

Siblings Trouble

Hello! My name is Eduardo Baraf and I make things! I make all sorts of games (digital, board, card), game review videos, and even crazy VR technology. I try to be active in and supportive of the board game community as well.

The Fiver with Liz Spain on Co-designing Apocrypha

Apocrypha Adventure Card GAme

Hi, I’m Liz Spain and my job is to convince people to buy cardboard… for fun! I live in Lone Shark Games’ secret garden, blessed by the geek rains of Seattle.

You might know me as the designer (and most everything else) on Incredible Expeditions: Quest for Atlantis, or that chick whose face keeps showing up in Flying Frog Productions’ games, or even as one of the designers on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

The Fiver with Jon Gill on Co-designing Skulldug


Hi there! I’m Jon Gill, a game designer and developer living in sunny Seattle, Washington. Well, it’s sunny today, at least. I was born in England, so I don’t mind the usually omnipresent Seattle drizzle.

My partner Brian Kopleck and I have been working on a pulp exploration board game called Skulldug! for the past two years, and we recently founded Ruddy Games to help bring it to market.

The Fiver with Tanis O’Connor on Co-designing Apocrypha

Apocrypha Adventure Card GAme

Hi! I’m Tanis O’Connor from Seattle. I’m a designer and editor for Lone Shark Games and the staff adventure card game designer at Paizo Publishing. In my not-very-copious free time, I solve puzzles, herd cats, and root for the Mariners.

I got my start at Wizards of the Coast, as a developer and editor on 4th edition D&D. Selinker lured me into his clutches with his first Kickstarter, for a solve-your-own-adventure puzzle novel called the Maze of Games, and all of a sudden we were playing card games, collecting loot and giving each other nightmares. We look forward to giving our nightmares to you!

The Fiver with Elisa Teague on Co-designing Apocrypha

Apocrypha Adventure Card GAme

Hi! I’m Elisa Teague from Lone Shark Games! I’m a game and event designer, but I also wear a lot of hats, including graphic design, production, and a lot more!

I’m a game designer with a 15 year background in the industry doing everything from game development, graphic design, production, and more, and now I’m part of this awesome new game project with Lone Shark: The Apocrypha Adventure Card Game! I was first introduced to Apocrypha long before I was even an employee of Lone Shark, and I’ve been a huge fan of the concept, art direction, and gameplay ever since.

The Fiver with Brian Kopleck on Co-designing Skulldug


Hiya! I’m Brian Kopleck, a game developer living in the lovely SF Bay Area. When I’m not making games for fun, I make games for work, and when I’m not doing either of those, I’ll be dead.

I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Computer Science: Game Design, which is both where I met Jon and where Skulldug! was born. We were doing the Global Game Jam 2013 and decided to make a board game with high replayability and intrinsic narrative moments. It was during a very long playtest at 3 in the morning that we realized we were, despite the hour, actually all still engaged in the game and that we had stumbled upon something special.

CROM: Conan Rise of Monsters Circle of Iron tease

This last week new unit releases for CROM: Conan Rise of Monsters the upcoming pre-painted table top miniature wargame that captures the majesty of Conan's Hyborean Age, were released over at Pulposaurus Entertainment's facebook page

Kromlech New Release - Legionaries Spike Hammers and Biker Legs


we have a new release today.
More goodies for Legionaries.
Ride fast, hit them hard!!

Legionary Spike Hammers
Legionary Biker Legs

Battlefront releases Twin 8.8cm FlaK37 Railway Car

The notorious 88mm gun (commonly called the Eighty-eight) was a German anti-aircraft gun. Widely used throughout the war, it was one of Germany's most recognised weapons.

'Flak' is a contraction of Flugzeugabwehrkanone, 'aircraft-defence cannon'. In English, 'flak' became a generic term for ground anti-aircraft fire. The Germans colloquially referred to the gun as the Acht-acht ('Eight-eight'). The 8.8 cm FlaK37 was the final development of the Eighty-eight produced by Krupp. Weighing 7 tonnes, it could fire 15-20 rounds per minute.

As well as its intended use in the anti-aircraft role, the 88 was also very successful as an improvised anti-tank gun, leading to the development of a tank gun based upon it: the 8.8 cm KwK 36.

In many parts of Germany mobile FlaK units were employed with guns on railway mounts. These units moved from place to place in special FlaK trains, with their own living and kitchen accommodations. The width of the broad-type heavy FlaK cars was extended with a folding flap, allowing crews space to operate the guns effectively.

Sally 4th Free textures & furniture for Terra Blocks

We have had a lot of email from gamers saying they love the country house and science lab projects we are running at Salute but can't get their to take part. We have therefore made the texture sheets that we will be using at Salute available as a free download from our web site.

These texture sheets are designed to work with Terra-Block 5cm tile, single and corner wall (with or without windows) and doorway. You can print multiple sheets to make a whole building.

We have also put together a promotion featuring the pieces of furniture shown in these projects. If you order £20 of Terra-Blocks between now and 31st May you can select either the filing cabinet and lab bench or the desk and chair as a free gift.

New Dwarf Beer Maiden from Kabuki Models

Dwarf Beer Maiden

Quench your thirst by buyin' a Dwarf Beer Maiden on our webstore

Dark Art Studios Spring Releases posted

Dark-Art-Studios – Spring 2015 Releases

Terrible Kid Stuff - New release - The Child Thief

The Child Thief

We are happy to release "The Child Thief" under license of BROM who is the art director of the project too, it is 75mm tall, the sculptor is Joaquin Palacios and the high quality resin casting is from GRX Créations. The limited edition is of 200 copies, after the mold will be destroyed. Actually I have to say that, after the preorder, we have 70 kit left for the online store and we really hope to go for a sold out! Please help us to do it, since it is for a really good reason. By the way, even CoolMiniOrNot gift its support and they bought 50 copies, so you'll be able to buy soon this kit also on their online store.