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TGN Sunday Snippets

Here we are again. Some shorter stories for Sunday surfing.

Today we've got: new Commands and Colors storage options from Sally 4th, Club Fantasci Interviews Ed Teixeira of THW Game Designs about Heroes of the Colosseum, new Abscessus release from Hitech Miniatures, a new Wolsung preview, new 15mm Trench Terrain available from Tabletop-Art, some fluff about Clan Ika from Ninja All-Stars, New Kurganovas Shock Troops models from Raging Heroes' TGG range, Free Sci-Fi Ashcan for Brink of Battle gets a face lift, Kabuki Models - Legio Praetoriana Updates, and some new releases from Mierce Miniatures.

New Commands and Colors Storage from Sally 4th

commands and colors compact sleeve napoleonic 1

Sally 4th has added a new Storage Sleeve to their range of Commands and Colors storage products.

The compact sleeve costs £5.00 and is designed to take one large, one small and one medium component drawer. This configuration has been requested by a number of customers to hold a single army from an expansion.

The drawer sleeve is made from MDF and clear Perspex and requires very simple assembly using PVA wood glue.

Club Fantasci Interviews Ed Teixeira of THW Game Designs about Heroes of the Colosseum


Heroes of the Colosseum is the upcoming game that will let players not only fight in the arena, as one of nine different gladiator types, but race chariots head to head.

On the gladiator side, you build your gladiator using three shared Attributes – Savvy, Strength, and Speed. These determine how well you can fight, how fast you are when trying to gain a position to attack, and how much damage you can take. We also use Signatures – traits that help to personalize your character – as well as a variety of fighting styles. When you’re finished, you’ll have a unique gladiator that can be used over and over.

New Abscessus Release from Hitech Miniatures


Multipart ( 12 pieces) 28mm scale one miniature represent "Abscessus " .
This is a high quality resin miniature, which comes unpainted and requires assembly.
Feet to eyeline dimension: 31mm
1) Body 2) right gun arm 3) left mechanical arm 4) leg 5) leg 6) leg 7) leg 8) leg 9) leg 10) leg 11) leg 12 ) 40mm scenic base

New Wolsung previews from Micro Art Studio

Giant Golem

With our last Wolsung SSG update we wanted present you first look on our Giant Golem The weapon systems and the special 80mm base are still missing but the mini it's form is quite nice looking :)

The Golem will be part of the Inventors Club. Beside that you will be able to play cooperation scenarios with your friends against it. There will be also an option for an one player game.
The mini will include special weaponry system, special custom resin 80mm wround base, and a set of cart.

Our painter also finished a sumo wrestler for Triad of Lotus Dragon faction. The mini is based on new line of bases that will be released soon ;)

All the minis should be available second half of this year.

New 15mm Trench Terrain available from Tabletop Art


Artillery emplacement | 15mm
The artillery emplacement exactly fits about a 65x50mm base. The set includes two parts made of resin.
Trench Set 1 | 15mm
The set includes 14x trench parts made of Resin: 6x straight, 4x corner to the outside, 2x corner inward, 2x end. All trench sets can be combined with each other.
Trench Set 2 | 15mm
The set includes 14x trench parts made of Resin: 6x straight, 6x diagonally, 2x end. All trench sets can be combined with each other.

Clan Ika fluff for Ninja All-Stars


Kagejima is a large island nation—a short gulf away from the island Empire of the Sun—shrouded in mists and darkness, and protected by harsh seas and terrible sea monsters. Once the veil of the O-Kage is broken, the seas foam and break against the imposing Black Cliffs. The wrecks of the Sun Empire’s armada and failed invasion attempts lie as rotten timbers, like bones of long dead sea monsters, bleaching in the sun at the foot of the cliffs. They are a warning to those that would think to again attempt to invade the O-Kage.

New Kurganovas Shock Troops models from Raging Heroes' TGG range


We wanted to formally introduce the first 3 KST (Kurganova Shock Troops) Heroines just released by Raging Heroes: Irina Vega - Orbital Strike Commander, Tarja - one of the Yaga Soul Weavers, and Natasha - Com Operator. And, of course Charlie, the KST mascot!

Check out their Webstore's 'Deals' section to get 16% off with the KST Character Box (all 4 together)!

And stay tuned for more TGG new releases coming up in just a few weeks...

Free Sci-Fi Ashcan for Brink of Battle gets a face lift


Our FREE Sci-Fi Ashcan download just got prettier! You can download it from Wargame Vault and start playing futuristic skirmish battles today!

Kabuki Models - Legio Praetoriana Updates

Kabuki Models is upgrading and expanding the Legio Praetoriana line!

Soon you’ll be able to add new bits to create news squads, including a command group with a commander. Among the new bits you’ll find Legio banners, command swords, and other special weapons.

Also keep an eye out for the Army Box, a set of 30 models with a special commander.

Scheduled for release in first quarter 2015.

Darklands February releases

Wulfric's Pack, Wælwulf Unit

Over the last few months we've been releasing miniatures funded by our Darklands: First Edition project, but we're interrupting normal service to bring you some stragglers from Darklands: a World of War! February's new releases are mostly about the Angelcynn, for the excellent Wulfric's Pack, Wælwulf Unit is being released as individual miniatures as well as in unit form. Wælwulfas (slaughter-wolves) are mighty wolf-men of Mierce, somewhat more devolved than the Werwulfas and much more ferocious. These guys were funded by our very first project, but it's taken us a while to get them painted an photographed for release. They're here now though!