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TGN Sunday Edition: Sunday Snippets

And we've made it back to Sunday. At least for me, the day to get stuff done around the apartment and prep for the oncoming week. I might get in some electronic gaming later on, though. Hey, you can't make it out to the LGS every day (try as some might). ;)

Since it is Sunday, we've got some bite-sized stories for you, as usual.

In this batch is: HS Stencil System - Wave 2 - from Anarchy Models on Kickstarter, New render for Wild West Exodus, Dragonborn - Symphonic Album for Table RPGs on Kickstarter, Another World Miniatures: Magnus The Witchhunter Is Online, Tabletop Adapters releases unique 32mm Adapter, Yay Games To Release Sandcastles at Essen, Vengeance Oct Releases Posted, and The Book of Starry Wisdom: Apocrypha of Lovecraft's Cthulhu on Kickstarter.

HS Stencil System - Wave 2 - from Anarchy Models on Kickstarter

Anarchy Models

Thanks to our wonderful backers last year, our campaign for wave 1 of the HS Stencil System was a great success, and they have proved very popular since too.

We always get asked by our customers/fans if we can add this or that to the range. In particular, many of you wanted more Creature Feature designs, as the Mottled is VERY popular and you also wanted some smaller scale grids.

So we have come back to Kickstarter again this year to add some of the most asked for designs to the range, as well as some others, funding/time permitting.

New render for Wild West Exodus

Here is a new render for the Watcher faction. Scarab - a non-unique light support model.

Dragonborn - Symphonic Album for Table RPGs on Kickstarter


Nominated for Hollywood Music in Media Awards for her CD “Legends: Fantasy Violin”, violinist and composer Julia Okrusko is working on her new release, “Dragonborn: Fantasy Symphony”. The Kickstarter funds will cover recording, mixing, mastering, cover design, and the manufacturing of the discs.

This symphonic album will be produced ombining the traditional musical language and techniques with fantasy elements, themes, and sounds. The inspiration for this work came from Skyrim, video game world of fantasy with incredible gaming aesthetics and profound mythology. The power and missions of the main character, Dragonborn, became the inspiration for this work, Symphony No.1 in D minor "Dragonborn". The symphony is in 4 movements, each featuring different atmosphere and characters, that are united through motives, rhythms, and themes to create a symphonic portrait of Dragonborn and the external and internal realities of being immersed in the world of fantasy.

Another World Miniatures: Magnus The Witchhunter Is Online

We've updated our website with the incredible Witchhunter Magnus, with his guitar rifle and sword.

Both Metal & Resin Numbered Limited Edition!

Sculpted by Jarek Jazban, box art by legendary painter Francesco Farabi (franciuus).

Tabletop Adapters releases unique 32mm Adapter

Back in march, Tabletop Adapters released a kickstarter campaign for a unique 32 mm adapter. This adapter is now available for purchase. The adapter can be used to extend the base of a 25 mm miniature. It works by having a large surface buttom where the miniature can rest upon. It enables the base to be fit firmly, or to be temporarily fit with a sticky material. The adapter is easy to use and comes at a great price. The same kickstarter deals are available right now.

Yay Games To Release Sandcastles at Essen


Gamers sometimes complain about games having the same old themes (don’t mention Zombies) or that a theme has just been plastered onto a game. These are not statements that could be laid at the feet of up and coming British board game publisher YAY Games.

Following on from the cult success of Frankenstein’s Bodies, a highly thematic game about building your very own “creature” out of spare body parts, YAY are set for the international launch of Sandcastles.

“We are hoping that folks at Essen really take our latest brain child into their hearts. In Sandcastles you are on a beach trying to build the best sandcastle you can before the big wave comes crashing in." Says Andrew Harman YAY Games chief creative.

He goes on to warn in a tongue in cheek way. "Don’t get too comfortable playing in the sand though because the other players could be planning on using crabs, seagulls of their own buckets to kick over your glorious creation and steal your sandy glory!”

Sandcastles is a very portable tile placement game for 1 to 7 players and lasts around 30 minutes. If you’re looking for a game to take on holiday to play with your family, look no further

YAY Games are getting a reputation for producing games with interesting themes that are easy to learn and pack in a lot of interaction. They can be found at booth 2E-121 at Essen.

Vengeance Oct Releases Posted

Next wave of Vengeance minis available now from the Dark Art store

The Book of Starry Wisdom: Apocrypha of Lovecraft's Cthulhu on Kickstarter

Cthulhu book

The Book of Starry Wisdom compiles newly edited editions of H.P. Lovecraft’s public domain cycle of Cthulhu stories, edited and produced by myself, Simon Berman, and illustrated by renowned deific and fantasy artist, Valerie Herron (The Book of the Great Queen).

Accompanied by essays and musings by some of today’s premiere Lovecraftian scholars, writers, and devotees, The Book of Starry Wisdom will be a luxurious, approximately 192 page hardback tome, featuring a leather textured cover with gold foil pressed symbols of significance to the Cult of Cthulhu, 13 interior B&W illustrations, as well as other features to be unlocked as the Kickstarter meets its stretch goals. This premium volume will be a stunning addition to the library of any enthusiast of H.P. Lovecraft or worshipper of Dead Cthulhu Who Lies Dreaming.