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TGN Sunday Edition: Snippets

Well, I certainly had a busy Saturday. Went through a lot of old gaming items that I'd not seen in quite a long time.
Man, I never really could paint all that well. And here I thought it wasn't half-bad.
I'm freely willing to admit when I am wrong, and I was certainly wrong. :P
Brought back a lot of nostalgia, but sometimes you gotta move on. Old games out. New games in.

Speaking of new games in, we've got a couple bite-sized gaming stories to give you today.

They include: Khurasan releases 15mm Sung Dynasty, Techno Bowl Box Art Previewed, Battle Valor Games Launches New 15mm Fantasy Range, Wild In The Streets Kickstarter coming March 9th, and Critical Mass Games 15mm Sci-fi Snakemen Kickstarter Launches March 31st.

Khurasan releases 15mm Sung Dynasty

We are very pleased to release our latest "ancients" army in 15mm scale, the Sung Dynasty Chinese. This is the period in which the Chinese emerged from the chaos of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, establishing a strong central government. They eventually lost northern China to the Jurchen-Jin, and when those nomads were overrun by the Mongols, the Southern Sung engaged in an epic four decades war with the Mongols, the longest contest the Mongols had to fight in the Conquest period.

It's a complex army with many codes available, and more to come. The webstore page is linked.

Here are a few previews, but the available codes can be seen on the webstore. Their Zhuang "southern barbarian" allies are also available.

Techno Bowl Box Art Previewed


Here’s a look at the shiny new box art for TECHNO BOWL!

You can head over to the images section for the game on to see a much larger version that will allow you to enjoy all the little details. The lines were drawn by the amazing Ben McSweeney. So. Much. Detail. He’s worked in video games, animation, commercials, and print, and you’ve seen his stuff even if you don’t know it. Make sure to check out his animation reel! So, who do you get to color a monster like this? Mr. Cuddington, of course! David and Lina did a spectacular job on this, and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. TOUCHDOWN!

Battle Valor Games Launches New 15mm Fantasy Range

Battle Valor Games is pleased to announce the release of its 15mm Fantasy Range. The figures in this range have been sculpted by Bob Naismith and "Chip" Mann, and are extremely detailed.
Currently if you create an account on the site you get a permanent 10% discount.
Join our Facebook Group; Battle Valor Games for all the latest news and sneak peeks of upcoming Miniatures.
Have a look at the site, we think you will like what you see.

Wild In The Streets Kickstarter coming March 9th

Wild In Streets

Wild In The Streets is a fast paced miniatures game where youth counter culture groups have gone wild in the streets. A kickstarter to fund the first five gangs is being launched on March 9th, 2016.

Wild in the Streets is quick, innovative and nearly free of record keeping. Game play allows for two to four players per game. Setup rules simulate a fight that had already started (or just about to start) instead of people staring at each other across the board waiting for action. Models activate when their card is pulled from a common deck, generating an unpredictable gang fight. You might have planned for your crust punks to ambush a lone death rocker but getting sucker punched by a group of skinheads threw a wrench into your plans.

So let’s do this! Grab your dice, your terrain, a splash of paint... and let’s run Wild in the Streets!

Critical Mass Games 15mm Sci-fi Snakemen Kickstarter Launches March 31st


On March 31st 2016 Critical Mass Games will launch a new Kickstarter project seeking to fund a full range of 15mm Astagar Snakemen miniatures to add to its Mercenary lineup.

The Astagar first came into being in 2010 with 5 unique sculpts in the MERC8 infantry pack, since this time we have worked with our concept artist Rob Parkinson to re-invent the look of the Astagar to give them a more regular feel.

Joining the development team we have been lucky enough to enlist the extremely talented Steve "Cool Hand" Tyler who has translated the infantry concepts in to superbly detailed 3d renders and the legendary John Bear Ross who has created Power Armour, Mecha, Vehicles and VTOLs, to support the campaign.

The initial campaign is looking to raise £2000 to bring the infantry miniatures, power armour and mecha to production and after which we are looking to further enhance the campaign with stretch goals unlocking more vehicles, variants and extras for backers.