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TGN Sunday Edition: News Snippets

I trust that everyone had themselves a safe and fun Halloween. Anyone see any good gaming-themed costumes out there? Also, did you enjoy the extra hour of sleep afterward? That's the part I enjoyed the most, I'd say. But then, I'm a bear of simple pleasures. Like how this morning, the month already started off with some Guns 'n' Roses weather.

So as we sort through our Halloween candy let's take a look at some bite-sized stories, shall we?

Today we have: New Anti-Elephant Wagon From Xyston Miniatures, Brigade Models Releases New Neo-Soviet Dreadnought, New Limited Edition Markers from Warsenal, Deraj Studios Announces November 6th Kickstarter Launch, and The Liche Lord free in all orders during November 2015 at Alternative Armies.

New Anti-Elephant Wagon From Xyston Miniatures

Anti-Elephant Wagon
Anti-elephant wagon
This month we present you a ANC20310 – Anti-elephant wagon. This pack includes: 4 crew, 1 wagon and 2 bullocks. We also add ANC20311 – Bullocks to our catalogue, this pack consist 8 bullocks from 4 different designs.

What’s next?
For next month we are preparing the first packs of Marian Romans, so stay tuned.

See you in next month.

Brigade Models Releases New Neo-Soviet Dreadnought

The latest addition to our Neo-Soviet spaceship fleet is the Gagarin-class Dreadnought. Named for hero Pilot-Cosmonauts of the Space Race-era, the Gagarins carry almost twice the firepower of the Voroshilov class battleships.

The Gagarin is a resin-hulled model with metal engines, turrets and other components. We’ll have a few of these (not many) at the new Hereward Wargames Show in Peterborough which we’re attending on Sunday.

SFS-1201 - Gagarin class Dreadnought - £9.00

New Limited Edition Markers from Warsenal

October Ltd Ed Markers

Each month we'll be releasing unit markers for the various units that are released for Infinity: the Game. Once we've released a marker for a unit that marker won't be repeated so get them while you can!

Repeated units get a one time Blast template release.

This month, we have Markers for the Guijia TAG and the Seraph TAG, and Blast Templates for the Azra'il, Dactyls, and Van Zant.

Deraj Studios Announces November 6th Kickstarter Launch

Deraj Studios has announced the launch date of their Slavic Fantasy miniatures Kickstarter, November 6.

The Liche Lord free in all orders during November 2015 at Alternative Armies


November is the month of the living dead (and not just the lads here!) and to keep the fun in wargaming Alternative Armies is automatically placing one free white metal 28mm Liche Lord miniature in every order placed with us during this month. You need do nothing but place an order, or more than one and we will do the rest. VNT31-05 Liche Lord will be in your package when you open it. A truly beautiful classic high fantasy miniature brought back to 'life' once more from the early 1990's. Great to lead an Undead Army or formation. We also have many more fantasy miniatures and we will be releasing a great many more during this month before we end it with a Black Friday Weekend event. Thanks