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TGN Sunday Edition: News Snippets

It's a cold, rainy Sunday here in Atlanta. Perfect weather to stay inside and do some gaming.

In today's News Snippets we've got a look at some greens from AntiMatter Games, an update from Rocket Games about Last Saga's model-making process, new survivors added to RN Estudio's Survivor Indiegogo, new Valksburg Grenadiers from Mad Robot Miniatures, and more!

AntiMatter Posts Ridgeback Greens

Here we have the Ridgeback Lizardman Spine Breaker, the Leader for the Draconid Starter Set for ShadowSea.

Shieldwolf previews Kickstarter Sculpts

As we come closer to the launching date, some of the artwork has already taken form from the world-class sculpting team Shieldwolf Miniatures has put together, more and more goodies will be revealed.
The best have yet to show up!

Rocket Games previews Last Saga Metal Models

Last saga metal copies

The long waited moment has finally come! As you know, the Tanaor Infantries were the first ones that went to moulding process, so there you have the first images of them.

We are extremely happy with the results: all the details are there and they look perfect. Hope you like them!

New Survivors added to RN Estudio Survivors Indiegogo


We just add 1 level to buy all the miniatures in one time for 66 euros!

Each miniature will have a character sheet for
play zombie games, FREE download in HD
ready for print and play

Mad Robot has released their latest regiment, the Valksburg Grenadiers.

All these parts and so much more is available now in their WEBSTORE

Sword & Board Games Dwarf Bandit Hunter & Retail Miniature Release

Dwarf Bandit Hunter

This Dwarf Bandit Hunter roams the wilds of Dothmora bringing those who have fled justice to Trial and then swift execution.

He may be employed by one of the great factions, he may be a freelancer claiming bounty's. The choice is yours. We hope you enjoy.

Also, Miniatures will be available to purchase on our webstore next week, 5th January.