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TGN Sunday Edition

Welcome to Sunday. We're glad to have you here. I hope your Saturday was good. Mine involved a Battle Chef cutting down raiders with a Horse Butcher. It was a good time. "Here, eat this." is apparently going to be a catchprase for him, especially when dealing with the Intelligence 8 Half-Orc Barbarian that's also part of the party.

But that's as may be. Let's get on to a sampler of bite-sized stories for your Sunday afternoon.

A quick one for you today. This batch includes: Happy Seppuku's Base and Terrain Stamp Upgrade Kickstarter, The Deathless Unlocked in Panzerfauste, and the final week for Smoking Aces on Kickstarter.

Happy Seppuku's Base and Terrain Stamp Upgrade Kickstarter

Happy Seppuku

Welcome to STAMPEDE, Happy Seppuku Model Works’ third Kickstarter. STAMPEDE is our project to improve the production of our Base Texture Stamp line in order to grow from our online store into a mainstream tool you will see on your local store’s wall. We will get into what those improvements are a bit further down but first we want to share what the changes mean for you!

1. MORE STAMPS, with the improvements we will be adding between 7-17 new textures to the line, plus one Exclusive stamp. These will be available with our STAMPEDE Core Set, as well as individually though our add-on section.

2. VARIETY, the new improvements will allow us to produce different sizes of stamps, smaller 3”x3” stamps for those just looking to make low cost bases, and 6”x6” for those looking to do diorama work or dungeon tile work. We will also be introducing a new 6"x6" Scenic Stamp Line which will pack a whole lot varied and deep details.

3. RETAIL PRICE DROP, we will be able to dramatically reduce the retail price of our stamps, allowing access for a much larger crowd in the miniature hobbies!

4. GREATER AVAILABILITY, all of these improvements are aimed at getting our stamps into local retailers and other online retailers who will be able to help get you the stamp you want as soon as possible.

The Deathless Unlocked in Panzerfauste

The Deathless

Hysterical Games' Kickstarter has reached £20,000 and thus unlocked an entirely new faction - The Deathless.

Final Week for Smoking Aces Hybrid Poker On Kickstarter

Smoking Aces

Hello folks!

Smoking Aces, the hybrid poker strategy game, is entering the last week on Kickstarter with just a few hundred dollars shy of funding! Please check it out and consider backing, even if its just a buck or two! Any help is far and beyond appreciated.