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TGN Sunday Edition

It's Sunday (at least at time of posting in much of the world... stupid time zones...). I hope you were able to get out and get some gaming on yesterday (or perhaps some today). My party did not get TPK yesterday. Though some party relations were strained a bit. Remember, everyone, communication is key.
Also, Fighters hate having to make Will saves.

But that's as may be. We've collected some bite-sized stories over the past couple days and present them to you now.

In this batch we have: A couple more sets of The Fiver, New 2mm Roman Buildings from Brigade Models, Meridian Miniatures release Chibi Hippogryph for Tooth & Sword, Old Dominion GameWorks posts Post Captain Master index pt 1, Universal Adventures Celestial Invocations Now Available, and Stag Rider unveiled for The Shattered Crown.

The Fiver with Ryno Lourens on Designing Sultan’s Library

Sultans Library

Hi there! I am known as Ryno Lourens (not pronounced the way you think it is). I’ve been at this whole game making business for about a decade, but this is my first attempt at getting a game published. I’m from South Africa, but I’ve lived in Asia for half a decade. While there, I met an older gentleman who showed me what great games are truly made of! That made me decide to step up my game (excuse the pun).

The Fiver with Patrick Lysaght on Designing Commissioned


This is Patrick Lysaght from Chara Games. My wife and I designed Commissioned (live on KS June 3-July 3). I am active-duty military, and my wife homeschools our three kids. We grew up on opposite sides of the country but met in Colorado during college. I grew up playing games and have slowly immersed my wife in the hobby!

New 2mm Roman Buildings from Brigade Models

Roman Buildings

Today we're releasing the first ancient buildings in our Small Scale Scenery range, and what is also (so far) the largest model.

We have a set of 22 metal Roman buildings to make up a town - houses, apartments, villas etc. We also have two larger resin items, a semi-circular theatre and a recreation of the amphitheatre at Arles in France. The amphitheatre comes in at an impressive 5 1/2" across.

Ideal for small scale land games, or perfect for 1/1200th scale naval galleys as coastal scenery.

SSS-8057 – Roman Buildings – £7.50
SSS-8058 – Roman Theatre – £2.50
SSS-8059 – Amphitheatre – £10.00

Meridian Miniatures release Chibi Hippogryph for Tooth & Sword

Noble Hippogryph

After last year's succesful Kickstarter campaign (and a great deal of procrastination re painting) I am pleased to say that the Chibi tyle Hippogryph is on sale to the general public.

Old Dominion GameWorks posts Post Captain Master index pt 1

Post Captain

ODGW will be releasing Post Captain soon and while we wait for the ship to come to port I've scavenged a couple goodies. Over the next couple weeks the Master Index for Post Captain will be released. This index covers the Basic Game, Advance Rules and Shore Raids. The index in its entirety will be one of many free Bonus files available to gamers who have registered their rules on ODGW web site.

First up in the Index are chapters for the Basic Rules.

Universal Adventures Celestial Invocations Now Available


Invoke the power of the Celestial Realms, bolster your comrades and blast the forces of death and darkness with Celestial Invocations! Universal Adventures Celestial Invocations brings you a set of 54 invocations for the clerical-types in your RPG’s. Open the doors to otherworldly power with Universal Adventures Celestial Invocations.

The release of Celestial Invocations begins a new chapter for New Realms Publishing. With the release of Celestial Invocations a whole new line of products will become available, including invocations and new professions for Ogres and Underworlds and Swords and Savagery, mechanics for the invocation-wielding encounters from Universal Adventures products, new RPG’s and more! This is an exciting time for New Realms Publishing and we hope you’ll all be along to enjoy the journey.

Stag Rider unveiled for The Shattered Crown

Princess Nave Khra, first of the Stag Riders

Dead Earth Games have unveiled a 3D render video of the latest miniature for their forthcoming game The Shattered Crown - Princess Nave Khra, first of the Stag Riders.

The game will launch on Kickstarter later this month, where you'll be able to pledge for a whole unit of these awesome beasts!