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TGN Sunday Edition

It's a drizzly Sunday here in Atlanta. But I've got gumbo simmering on the stovetop and a batch of fresh cookies. So all is well.

Anyway, here's a couple of the bite-sized stories we've come across in the past few days.

Below the fold we've got: Microworld Games Releases New 6mm Fantasy Army, Ludus Magnus Studio start to show all the models in Nova Aetas' box, Final Days for Dungeon Worlds Kickstarter from Acheson Creations, Britt Shotte - An Orcs in the Webbe Original Scenario Returns, New Aeronef Releases From Brigade Models, the latest update about Super Dungeon Explore, Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Industrial Spacecraft Corridors, The Lost Dungeons of Xon interactive e-module now up on Kickstarter, Happy Burger Bot free at The Ion Age, and Spectre Miniatures Technical Kickstarter Launches.

Microworld Games Releases New 6mm Fantasy Army

Microworld Games is proud to release our 12fth 6mm Fantasy army, the Wildland Aliance.

Ludus Magnus Studio start to show all the models in Nova Aetas' box

From now to the Kickstarter start day we show to you all the models in the box of Nova Aetas!
The first is the Apprentice and our jaws hit the floor when we have seen the final version realized by Valerio Carbone aka KoraxArt ... a masterpiece!

Final Days for Dungeon Worlds Kickstarter from Acheson Creations

Our sculptor has provided us with a couple more miniatures packs so we're inserting one in at the $16,000.00 mark and another at $19,000.00.

Our newest set of tiles, DW1D, is nestled snugly between these two new figure sets and Unlocked at $17,500.00.

Once Unlocked, these items will be available as Add-Ons.
Every pledge over $100.00 gets all Unlocked Stretch Goals!

Thanks for your support

Britt Shotte - An Orcs in the Webbe Original Scenario Returns


Today sees the welcome return of an Orcs in the Webbe exclusive scenario from 2008. In "Britt Shotte" a desperate lack of black powder leads to a last gasp race to steal some from a lone Orcish Commissariat trooper and his pack mule. Will the Orc lads of Captain Knoll Gallowsger reach an oasis of dry powder, or in a blur will Captaine Demone Augburrne reach the mule first?

Written by Gavin Syme, Alternative Armies'creative manager, the scenario was the first of a regular series that featured the then-current release of a special limited edition miniature, in this case the Albion Commissariat.

New Aeronef Releases From Brigade Models


Today sees the release of some more models in the ever popular Aeronef range. This is a game that has been around for over a decade and a half but still has very strong sales every year.

The largest model in this release is the Austro-Hungarian von Parseval dig battleship - the resin-cast gasbag is over 4" long, making it almost as large as the German Schleswig-Holstein.

The other two models come from the other side of the Atlantic, with the addition of the Tamandare torpedo cruiser and Paraná class frigate to the Brazilian fleet.

VAN-712 – von Parseval class Dig Battleship – £6.00
VAN-807 – Tamandare class Torpedo Frigate – £2.00
VAN-808 – Paraná class Frigate – £0.75

If you haven’t yet been seduced by the delights of Aeronef, we have a number of starter packs available with different fleets as an inexpensive way to introduce yourself to the game.

Super Dungeon Explore: Put Some Salt On It

For production, we're still in a holding pattern with CNY. As we get news about the product that did leave before CNY we'll let you know the week we do, as always!

Every Friday we spend some time in our general comments section answering questions and seeing what people want previewed next. We encourage you to pop on in one Friday and join us. Just watch out for ninjas! Today it was determined that it is time for previews of the Salt Pillar spawning point.

Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Industrial Spacecraft Corridors

Heroic Maps

The set comprises 53 different tiles that can be printed multiple times and arranged in limitless combinations to produce abandoned spacecraft, an alien-infested colony, a drifting space hulk, a heavy freighter, a military facility, and industrial factory and much more.

The Lost Dungeons of Xon interactive e-module now up on Kickstarter

Lost Dungeons

Burning Yeti Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new style of roleplaying module, designed to work with multiple systems and loaded with innovative features that take advantage of the latest possibilities in e-Publishing. The campaign has already reached its funding goal and the entire module and its companion Digital Players Guide can be had for a pledge of as little as $1.

Happy Burger Bot free at The Ion Age


A new month and a new unique 15mm miniature free in every order of any size at The Ion Age. Not everything is military with us and this month we present the robotic waiter from the Happy Burger chain of eateries. Free ends 1st April. You can do a lot with this miniature I am sure. Click through for pictures and information.

Thanks for Reading.

Spectre Miniatures Technical Kickstarter Launches


We are pleased to announce that we are running a 'mini' Kickstarter to fund the development and production of a new vehicle!

Following on from the popularity of our highly regarded PMC technical, we would like you to help us bring this 1/50 scale militia technical to the market with a comprehensive range of weapons to mount on it and a number of accessories to make each one unique.

Whether you are a veteran warlord, mercenary boss, SOF commander, post apocalypse survivor or seasoned zombie hunter, this will be a great addition to your force!