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TGN Sunday Edition

Hey everyone. It's another overcast Sunday here in Atlanta. So why not curl up with some of the shorter stories we found in the past couple days?

There's some WIP 15mm terrain from Tabletop-Art, a countdown to Impudent Mortal's Warehouse terrain sets Kickstarter, a new QuadCannon from LaserCutCard (lots of terrain in this edition, it seems), an update about Manorhouse Workshop's Underground Terrain (see what I mean?), the new Municipal Merchant from ThunderChild Miniatures, a new stage from Thomarillion, two new WIP busts from Abyss, and Sister Herja from Kromlech.

15mm Trench Terrain WIP from Tabletop-Art

Currently we are working on modular trench-sets and a gun emplacement for 15mm tables.

Countdown to Impudent Mortals Warehouse Terrain

Warehouse Terrain

Impudent Mortal will be launching a their Warehouse District Terrain Kickstarter in mid February! Geared towards modern hero themed games, we will also be offer a 1.5 grid option so it can be used with WizK!ds HeroClix system. For more information visit our even on our Facebook Page.

New QuadCannon From LaserCutCard


This kit has several improvements on the old one.

By eliminating the MDF parts and standardizing some of the plastic components , we have been able to substantially reduce the cost from $12.95 to $8.50.

The circular ammo hoppers (which we took from the chaos ikon cannon) make the model more visually interesting and nicer to paint.

Finally, the model can be assembled instead just as two twin-linked autocannon, which can be used to kitbash.

Manorhouse Workshop Updates about Underground Terrain

Hi everyone.
The 2015 part in the best way. The images in preview of the undergrounds and of sewers (still work in progress) but already in their final design.

The first example that we want to offer, is made with modular sections 10x10xh6 cm. that go to form a base of the game of 40×40 cm.

The images below do see the potential of the “dynamics walls”.

Each wall has the possibility of being able to be changed by replacing the central part.
The entire project will be produced in hard plastic. (material used by most manufacturers of plastic kits, like: Mantic, GW, Italeri, Maki etc …) The walls and floors to the inside them will be empty, with a maximum thickness of 1.5 mm. therefore, their weight will be very low, but also very durable.

Soon in detail the individual sections of the sewers and underground and their possible combinations.

Stay tuned. Lorenzo

New Municipal Merchant from ThunderChild Miniatures

Municipal Merchant

The Municipal Merchant set is now available in the ThunderChild emporium!

Where most see devastation, some see opportunity. No more is this the case than with the wastes menagerie of traders, swindlers and charlatans. Though not all merchants are bellow board, you’re more than likely to get half way through the rad-swamps before realising the ray gun you purchased may well be less than authentic. Perhaps this (mixed with a strict ‘no refunds’ policy) is the reason it is not uncommon for shopkeeps to be accompanied by armed guards.

This set contains a trade stall, merchant and guard all cast in high quality resin and supplied unpainted and unassembled.

New Stage from Thomarillion


Thomarillion released a stage made out of resin. Suitable for musicans, dancers, jugglers or for a slave market, scaffold, landing stage...

Two new WIP busts from Abyss

Here are two more busts being worked on by Jason Monkman!

Kromlech Releases Sister Herja

Sister Herja

today we have a new release.
Model with immense level of power.

"from the mists of forgotten land
where the Old Monastery stands
as a child they come to learn
the power to unleash doom and pain"

Sister Herja

Will you dare to use her powers?