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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

Love is in the air.
We here hope you're spending the day playing the games you love with the people you love.

And as usual, we've got our Review Roundup for Saturday.
Did the reviewers love the games they tried? Only reading on will find out.

In this week's installment, we've got reviews/previews of: Arcadia Quest, G-Mat Snow Storm Terrain Mat, The Meeple Mechanic's Top 8 Kickstarter Games Going On Now, Cyclades: Titans Expansion, Rhino Hero, Noctu the Bounty Hunter by Savage Forge Minis, The 5th Land, Road Rally USA, Machi Koro, XCOM, the expansion for Mascarade, San Juan, Pagoda, Rise of Cthulhu, and Hitman Holiday.

Dog and Thimble:

Arcadia Quest Review

Monsters, lead by Lord Fang, have overrun the legendary city of Arcadia, lead by Lord Fang. It’s time to reclaim your old home. But you are not alone. There are other warriors also vying for glory in Arcadia. Together, you will clear out the monsters infesting Arcadia, but also battle one another. You want to be the greatest hero ever known? Prove yourself.

Arcadia Quest is a 4-player competitive dungeon crawler. It’s like Dungeons & Dragons, but without the roleplaying. You fight monsters, rescue innocents, find treasure, and shoot your friend in the back. It’s got everything.

Graven Games:

G-Mat Snow Storm Terrain Mat Review


Terrain mats are a great way to create an immersive and cinematic backdrop to your battles. After seeing some of our other reviews, contacted us and asked if we’d like to review one of their new G-Mats, a range of highly detailed rubber-backed mats designed for use in wargames such as Warhammer, 40k, Infinity, and Deadzone.

The Meeple Mechanic:

Top 8 Games Now On Kickstarter


Play Board Games:

Cyclades: Titans Expansion


Titans is the second expansion for Cyclades. It is more aggressive and adds new units, a new board and team play.

Rhino Hero Review

Rhino Hero is family game that plays like Jenga but with cards. You construct a building and the cards you place as roofs will affect the next player (kinda like Uno).

Spud Tate:

Noctu the Bounty Hunter by Savage Forge Minis

Spud gives us a quick review of the bust that is a new alien to SFM's current line.

The Board Game Show:

The 5th Land Review


What board gamer hasn’t had a conversation with a non-board gamer that goes something like this:

“So what do you like to do in your spare time?”
“I enjoy playing board games.”
“You mean, like Risk?”

What follows is either an educational and enlightening monologue on the state of modern board games, or an abrupt, “Um, yeah, sort of like Risk” when nursing a hangover from the previous night’s epic game-a-thon.

I know I am preaching to the choir when I say that modern board games have evolved in leaps and bounds beyond the classic game of Risk. That’s not to say classic Risk is a bad game. It’s not. But it is an old game that gathers dust in the closets of most seasoned board gamers who have moved on to more interesting, thematic and challenging fare. The 5th Land is just such a game. Follow the link to read the full review...

Club Fantasci:

Road Rally USA by Mayfair Games


Get ready! Get set! Go! Racing through the Arizona desert at high speeds in your yellow 1977 Pontiac Trans-Am T-Top, you see out of the corner of your eye they silver 1959 Corvette Stingray on one side of you and the green 1967 Shelby Mustang on the other. Pressing your foot down hard on the gas, you shoot out in front, gripping your steering wheel tight looking for that first turn trying to get the inside edge. Engines roaring loudly behind you, you lean in and make your turn, charging ahead in what you hope is a winning strategy to be the first cross the finish line in Road Rally USA!

Gettin' Higgy With It:

Machi Koro

We take a look at the dice & card game, Machi Koro, by Masao Suganuma. Distributed by IDW Games. Machi Koro is for 2-4 players, age 10+ and takes about 30 minutes per game.

Shut Up & Sit Down:

XCOM Board Game

It's here! XCOM: The Board Game is now in shops the world over, with its computerised component, its little plastic snipers and its starched lil' navy blue box. Oooh. You want it.

OR DO YOU? Let Quinns and Paul cut a path for you through the jungle of hype around this game, all the way to the UFO crash site of truth. "Welcome to Earth," indeed.

Mascarade Expansion Review


Remember those hot hot nights when we wore those masks, and danced as if our legs might melt any moment? I don't remember that time either - just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page. Mascarade was a fun game with sexy art that forcibly entered my heart last year when I covered it for The Opener. The premise is simple: nobody knows what's going on, it'll only get worse as things go on, and you're almost definitely not the queen but nobody else seems to have clocked that.

San Juan Review

With spring's sunshine is still weeks away, Paul decides to review the classic card game San Juan, packing sugar and indigo off to make money.

Sent abroad to set up SU&SD's (North) American office, with a rather unclear remit he also laments the limited nature of board game printings and distribution.

Board Game Quest:

Pagoda Review


My wife is the most dependable and accessible member of our gaming group, which makes any game that plays with just two players immediately relevant to her interests. She is also drawn to the culture of China, with rich history, traditions, art, and language. It should come as no surprise that Pagoda, by AEG, is a game that scratches both of those itches. Does Pagoda help you on the path to inner peace and nirvana, or does it leave you stuck in a cycle of repetition and sadness? Read on to learn more.

Pagoda is a hand management card game for two players, with a game time of about 30 minutes.

Rise of Cthulhu Review


I can honestly say and prove that I am a Cthulhuaholic. Since high school I easily have read and owned over 50 works of fiction from H.P. and various authors on the mythos as well over a dozen board games and RPGs about this genre. I prefer games, RPGs, movies, clothes, etc. based on the mythos. I love the macabre and the Cthulhu mythos creep me out and horrify me like nothing else. So, when Rise of Cthulhu came into the Board Game Quest queue I jumped at the chance to review (and own) this game. This 2-player game comes from game designer and self-publisher Chuck D Yager. At first glance this game looks like a great way quench your Lovecraftian gaming fix but does it fit the genre and more importantly is it fun? Let’s find out!

Rise of Cthulhu is a 2-player card game that uses the elements of hand management, set collection, and strategy. It takes about 25-30 minutes to play.

Hitman Holiday Preview

Hitman Holiday

I imagine the job of an assassin is just like any other high stress job. They have to deal with deadlines, corporate downsizing, and the whole having to covertly murder someone. I’m sure when they are not on the job they are looking for a place just to relax and get away from it all.

In the game we are previewing today, assassins have taken their work with them on vacation. In Hitman Holiday, players will take on the role of assassins in a beach resort with other members of the same profession. The goal is simple, kill your target, and don’t get killed by the assassin looking to kill you. Let’s get into the preview to talk more about the game and see if you want to support it on Kickstarter.