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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

It's another Saturday. Hopefully you've got something fun going on.

Anyway, here's the reviews we found during the week (it was apparently a big week for posting reviews. There's quite a lot to go through).

We've got reviews/previews of: Chaos & Alchemy, Fields of Arle, High Command - Escalating Conflict, Sellswords, War Stories, Trains: Rising Sun, Kalypto, 7 sins, Hitman Holiday, Amber Route, Twisting Catacombs Dungeon Scenery, M4 Sherman from Warlord Games/Italeri, Trikerion: Legends of Illusion, Games Workshop's Wood Elf Treeman, Sisters of the Thorn, Dark Eldar Voidraven Bomber, and the Zen Terrain Fast Food Stall.

Polyhedron Collider:

Chaos & Alchemy Review

Chaos & Alchemy Board Game review

Whoever gave Chaos & Alchemy its name was right on the mark, Alchemy sums up the theme and aim of the game whereas chaos sums up how the game plays, complete and utter chaos.

Play Board Games:

Fields of Arle Review


Fields of Arle is a solo or two-player worker placement game. It is full of ways to score VPs with just a few constraints.

High Command - Escalating Conflict Review


Escalating Conflict is the first expansion for Warmachine: High Command – Faith & Fortune. It adds new warriors and war casters for the new factions from the Faith & Fortune Core Set.

Board Game Quest:

Sellswords Review


evel 99 Games has made a name for itself with their really creative two player games. From BattleCON to Pixel Tactics, these games all have an intense head-to-head feel that really appeal to players who love conflict. In the past, we’ve reviewed a few of their Pixel Tactics games, which are tons of fun and a game that I’m always willing to play. Today, we are going to spend some time with their newest 2 player card game, Sellswords. Level 99 Games bills Sellswords as a game where you “Take to the field of battle in intense head-to-head contest of wits and strategy”. Sellswords definitely has a lighter feel than their other 2 players games. The game feels unique, the rules are easy, but is it fun? Let’s find out!

Sellswords is a 2 player drafting and tile placement game that takes about 15-20 minutes to play.

Top 10 Games That Play in 30min


Whenever I schedule a game night, the first thing I think about it what games can we play in the allotted time. Do we want to play an all-night game like War of the Ring or play a bunch of shorter games with different experiences? I usually opt for the shorter games because I like to introduce and play many different games, rather than just one lengthy one. I also tend to go for at least a few games that the attendees know how to play. Then I can just go through a refresher of the rules, rather than a full blown rules explanation. It’s for this reason that I decided to put together the Top 10 Games That Play in 30 Minutes.

Shut Up & Sit Down:

War Stories Review

War Stories

You're a platoon sergeant, patrolling the Normandy hedgerows in 1944. Suddenly, a burst of automatic fire opens up from the treeline. You don't know what it is: it could be a machine gun, or a tank. It could be a lone rifleman, or the forward elements of an enemy brigade. Each demands a different course of action, and your life, and those of your men, depend on your picking the right one. What do you do?

Trains: Rising Sun Review


Bad news, readers. Our efforts to appease the grand old month of Expansionanuary seem to be for naught. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting darker. It’s now so cold in my flat that the carpet crunches underfoot.

We must have faith that this will end, friends. Unless the rumours are true, and this is indeed the year of twenty fifspansion.

It’s a possibility too horrid to contemplate. In the meantime, we will stay the course. Here’s a review of Trains: Rising Sun.

Board to Death:

Kalypto Card Game Review

Kalypto™ is an action strategy card game developed by Hyroglyphik Games, an independent game company based in Montreal, Canada.

7 Sins Card Game preview

In the card game 7Sins!, players try to get away with the most sinning. This is done by scoring the most Sin points. The twist is that the person who has the most points of each sin does not score those points, but everyone else does.

Hitman Holiday Preview

From the Creators: Ten assassins gathered in one resort. Only one gets to be called the Number One Killer. Enough said.
Hitman Holiday is game of deduction and strategy where as many as up to 10 players take on the roles of ten of the deadliest assassins mankind has ever known. Gathered at the world’s most beautiful resort, otherwise known as Paradise, they are out to play a game of death in a bid to eliminate competition in business as well as claim the much coveted title of Number One.

Amber Route Review

Amber Route is a journey to the land of Slavic beliefs, monsters and magic. In this game full of surprises, you will embark on a dangerous adventure, leading your caravan through the uncharted territories. At every step you will face lurking evil creatures, traps, and ancient magic. Plan your moves carefully, protect your ambers, expand your retinue, and try to reach the destination as quick as possible.
In this game you must take care of your escort, ambers, and power cards — all while keeping an eye on your opponents. During course of the game, you will encounter monsters, ghost, deadly traps, thieves, and other sorts of evil. All encounters are resolved via dice, but each is resolved in a different way.

Graven Games:

Twisting Catacombs Dungeon Scenery Review


Welcome to today’s review in which we are having a look at some of the new Twisted Catacombs Dungeon Scenery from Zealot Miniatures. The Twisting Catacombs are part of Zealot’s recently successfully funded kickstarter campaign that focused on a range of highly detailed dungeon scenery compatible with an array of boardgames and RPG games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Heroquest, Dwarven Forge Terrain and other systems using 28mm-30mm scale miniatures.


M4 Sherman Review


Inbox of plastic 28mm scale (1:56) model of Sherman M4 75 mm model, which is a joint effort of Warlord Games and Italeri companies. Polish and English text, many photos.

Club Fantasci:

Trikerion: Legends of Illusion Review


Christopher Dickinson reviews the upcoming Kickstarter game Trickerion for Club Fantasci.


Games Workshop's Wood Elf Treeman Review

Time for a trip to the woods! The team of Brueckenkopf Online takes a closer look at the plastic treeman kit by games workshop.

Sisters of the Thorn Review

The team of Brueckenkopf Online ventures even deeper into the woods and today we show you the Sisters of the Thorn / Wild Hunters kit by Games Workshop.

Dark Eldar Voidraven Bomber Review

Spaaaaaaaace! And a shiny Dark Eldar flyer on our desk.

Warhammer Putrid Blightkings

Nurgle time at Brueckenkopf Online. We take a look at the new Putrid Blightkings.

Zen Terrain Fast Food Stall

The team of Brueckenkopf Online takes a closer look at the new sci-fi terrain range from ZEN Terrain.