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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

Hey everyone. I hope those of you that celebrated it had a good Christmas. If you don't celebrate Christmas, I still hope you had a kick-ass Friday. As for today, I hope you're having a great Feast of St. Stephen. Or, again, if you don't celebrate such, I hope you're having a kick-ass Saturday.
Being Saturday, it's time to get you some reviews.

Today's offerings include: Food Chain Magnate, Fleet Wharfside, Tumult Royal, Tail Feathers, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, New York 1901, Mission: Red Planet, Orleans, Flick 'em Up, The Bloody Inn, Tide of Iron: Stalingrad, VS System 2PCG, and Le Havre - The Inland Port.

Drive Thru Review:

Food Chain Magnate Review

Food Chain Magnate Review

Intro (00:00); game overview (01:44); final thoughts and review (24:23)

Fleet Wharfside Review

Fleet Wharfside Review

Intro (00:00); game overview (00:50); final thoughts and review (07:20)

Tumult Royal Review

Tumult Royal Review

Intro (00:00); game overview (01:17); final thoughts and review (09:49)

Tail Feathers Review

Tail Feathers Review

Intro (00:00); game overview (01:33); final thoughts and review (17:22)

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Review

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Review

Intro (00:00); game overview (01:39); final thoughts and review (09:29)


Gaming In a New York State of Mind (A Review of New York 1901)


Your goal is to become the most successful developer in all of New York. You want to build the most buildings and largest skyscrapers which will earn you victory points. You will do this by placing your building tiles on vacant lots and then demolishing and upgrading those buildings as the game progresses. You begin with a single starter property. Everything else you must earn on your own.

Steam on Mars (A Review of Mission: Red Planet)

Red Planet

In Mission: Red Planet you head up a mining company exploiting the fourth rock from the sun. Given its colorful nickname, and the year 1888, you’d think the main ore in demand would be iron. Alas, not so! Instead, scientists have discovered two new resources – sylvanite and celerium – and of course these minerals will revolutionize our own world. As if using steam power to reach Mars wasn’t amazing enough! Of course, this is no altruistic endeavor for the good of humanity, but one of venture capitalism for the profit of your investors. And if you’re going to beat your competitors to these valuable resources, you’ll need to move boldly and employ some dastardly cunning.


Orleans Review


Orleans was published in 2014 by dlp games. The game was designed by Reiner Stockhausen and illustrated by Klemens Franz, famous for his illustrations in such games as Agricola and Le Havre.

Flick 'em Up Review


Flick ’em Up! was published in 2015 by Pretzel Games. It was designed by Gaëtan Beaujannot and Jean Yves Monpertuis. Illustrations in the game were done by Marie-Elaine Bérubé, Philippe Guérin, and Chris Quilliams.

Board Game Quest:

The Bloody Inn Review


That’s the rather unique theme to The Bloody Inn, a new card game designed by Nicholas Robert. In The Bloody Inn, players take on the role of the proprietors of the inn, trying to earn some Francs through any means necessary. Does this rather dark theme make for an entertaining game? Time to find out!

The Bloody Inn is an economic and hand management card game for 2-4 players that takes about 45 minutes to play. In our experience, The Bloody Inn plays best with 4 players.

Tide of Iron: Stalingrad Review


When I reviewed the new version of Tide of Iron from 1A games, I found the game to have great components, unique scenarios, and solid mechanics that blended well together to create a memorable tactical war game experience.

It isn’t a game for the general gaming audience, rather a game that is best enjoyed over and over again with the same people. Even though there are plenty of scenarios in the box and online, players could eventually grow tired of playing as American and German forces across northwestern Europe.

Fear not! There are four expansions you can purchase that add new locations and Soviet and British troops to your arsenal. Today, we will be looking at one of those expansions, Tide of Iron: Stalingrad. This expansion allows players to battle as either Soviet or German troops in urban warfare. Let’s get into what this expansion brings to see if it is worthy of adding to your war gaming experience with Tide of Iron.

Play Board Games:

VS System 2PCG Review


In VS System 2PCG you play a marvel hero or villain and try to defeat your opponent with supporting characters and clever plot twists.

Le Havre - The Inland Port App Review


The Inland Port is a shorter, two-player version of La Havre. The Inland Port App lets you play against the AI, online with friends or a pass and play game.