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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

Welcome once again to Saturday. It's been quite a morning over here. Rather busy for a Saturday. Biggest thing I've been working on is my decision to magnetize my Betrayal at Calth set (yes, this means it's not 100% assembled yet. The games I've been playing of it have been using stand-in figs for much of it. It happens). The only problem comes from maneuvering small, fiddly pieces that, very literally, will move on their own. As such, I have glue all over my fingers. Thankfully, though, on at least one occasion, that's helped me when my drill bit slipped and instead of giving me a scrape, it just gouged the glue that'd built up there. So, an asset hidden in a liability.

But that's a story for when I post the review later today. At the moment, we've got other reviews/previews to deal with.

In this batch we have: Late French Napoleonic Infantry from Perry Miniatures and Warlord Games, Dark Moon, Clockwork Kingdom, Queen of the Hill, Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-Man, Conquest at Kismet, Barony, Star Wars Armada Wave 2 Ships, Tides of Time, Pentoggle, Mars Attacks Miniatures Game, Risk: Star Wars Edition, Space Cadets: Away Missions, Bomb Squad, Escape the Nightmare, and T.I.M.E Stories.

Battle Brush Studios:

Late French Napoleonic Infantry Review


In this latest Review Battle Brush Studios' Sigur is taking a close look at Warlord Games' Late French Line Infantry and Perry Miniatures' French Napoleonic Infantry 1812-1815. Seeking out differences between the two sets and comparing the two sets by categories.

The Board Game Show:

Dark Moon Review


Dark Moon, which if you trace its origins far enough, is a game inspired by a game, inspired by a game, inspired by a television show, inspired by an earlier television show.

In hopefully clearer terms, Dark Moon by Evan Derrick is a re-skin of a game called BSG Express, a once downloadable and free, quicker playing version of Battlestar Galactica the Board Game, which was inspired by the series, which was of course inspired by the original television series long before that.

I love Battlestar Galactica the board game, and by extension, I loved BSG Express and now Dark Moon. Like its predecessor BSG Express, Dark Moon successfully distills Fantasy Flight's popular game down to its gooey, duplicitous center. Gone are the locations around Galactica, and the space battles. But don't fret, this isn't a game about humanity's struggle against the skin jobs and the search for a new home. Dark Moon exists in that sci-fi sweet spot, the microcosm -- a small band of people trapped by circumstance in an inhospitable place.

Follow the link to read the full blog post or stream the podcast episode!...

Board to Death TV:

Clockwork Kingdom Review

Clockwork Kingdom is a game in which each player takes the role of a lord attempting to claim the throne in the wake of the king’s death. To start the game, each player has a small army of loyal steam-powered automatons to do their bidding. Each player must choose where to send his servants, whether to get supplies from the market, build useful contraptions in the workshop, or even attempt to acquire powerful alchemy stones, all the while warring with opponents in a number of battlefields in an attempt to control the kingdom by force.

However, players have more at their disposal than simple automatons. Throughout the course of the game, players can also recruit Alchemists, Professors, and Artificers to their cadre of loyal vassals, each with their own unique abilities. To claim the Clockwork Throne, players must make difficult decisions to outwit their opponents in an attempt to gather resources, obtain workers, manufacture contraptions, and dominate battlefields.

Queen of the Hill Preview

The extremely addicting and fun thing about games that push your luck is that one moment where you tell yourself this is the last card you will be taking… then you survive and you change your mind that you will be drawing just one more… and you still survive! And you promise that this next one would really be your last – and you survive yet again! Nothing beats that moment of suspense as you push your luck to the extreme, only to be rewarded by glorious victory for your bravery.

In the light and casual game Queen of the Hill, players are queens vying for control of a celestial hill. Taking turns, they attempt to Summon, Draft and Recruit the strongest female warriors from different worlds and eras to join their army. However, this is a very dangerous act, and they cannot always control what they Summon. At the end of every round, players compare their total warrior scores Drafted and the highest score wrests control of the hill. Control the hill twice and a player wins the game! Watch out though, the Dark One (also the only male in the game) might accidentally be Summoned and he will prey upon all the ladies. If you push your luck too hard, you might end up drawing him, and he will clear all your points and force you to end your recruitment. How lucky are you feeling today? How far do you dare to push your luck? The more you push your luck without drawing the Dark One, the more likely the next opponent will attract him. And the more you push your luck, the more your foes are forced to push theirs if they are to beat you! The pressure is ON!


Roll Responsibly (A Review of Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-Man)


The Amazing Spider-Man is the fourth Marvel Dice Masters set. As you’ve certainly deduced from the name, it revolves around the famously sarcastic web-slinger, his allies and notorious enemies – including new team affiliation Sinister Six. Other traditionally indie Marvel characters who have worked in some capacity on and off with the teen superhero receive the Spidey team group like Daredevil, Luke Cage and Ghost Rider. Although their abilities largely remain general in scope. The series also includes a smattering of popular unrelated extras, like Wolverine, Black Widow and Drax the Destroyer. The general mechanics and game play remain the same as with other sets and IPs across the system.

You Sank My Mothership! (A Review of Conquest at Kismet)


Conquest at Kismet is an asymmetrical two player card game. Each player controls one race, either Storm or Trice, and attempts to win the game by destroying the other player’s mothership. At the beginning of the game, each player is given the complete deck of blue or red cards and the corresponding mothership card. Players then alternate taking turns as the Attacker and Defender, playing cards and resolving combat, until one mothership is destroyed.

I Just Can’t Wait to Be King (a review of Barony)


Barony is a strategy game for two to four players. Players strive to earn resources to purchase titles of nobility. The player with the most victory points when one player earns the title of duke wins the game and is crowned the new king.

Shut Up & Sit Down:

Review: Star Wars Armada, Wave 2


Quinns I am so sorry that I blew up your space ship. I know you liked that space ship and you wanted to try out that space ship as part of Armada’s Second Wave of Expansions, so I apologise for shooting it until it exploded. It was only a small space ship and it did not take much shooting before the exploding happened, so you cannot accuse me of excess.

However, I hope this won’t colour your experience or your impressions of Wave 2, even though I, a completely inexperienced Armada player, blew up your space ship. And also a lot of your TIE fighters. Obviously I didn’t do great, being new to the game and a little overwhelmed, yet I still seem to have shot a lot of things. How do you feel?

Board Game Quest:

Tides of Time Review


In 2012, Love Letter rocketed into the gaming scene and introduced gamers to the micro game; a low-cost, quick playing game with minimal components. Once the industry saw the success of this juggernaut, there were no shortage of micro games to hit our tables.

To be honest, I got burned out on the micro game genre fairly quickly and said I was done with it. That was before I found out about Tides of Time. As any regular reader of this site knows, I’m a bit of a card drafting addict. Easily one of my favorite mechanics in gaming, Tides of Time brought us a two player only card drafting game that plays in about 10 minutes. Was Tides of Time enough to bring my out of my micro game stupor? Let’s find out.

Tides of Time is a card drafting and set collection game for two players that takes about 10 minutes to play.

Pentoggle Preview


The object of the game is to match either five of the same number tile (numbered one through five), all of a different color (red, orange, yellow, blue and green), or match five of the same color, all numbered one through five. Players earn points by placing tiles and completing rows of tiles. The player with the most points is deemed the best Pentoggler ever, at least until the next game is played.

Play Board Games:

Mars Attacks Miniatures Game Review


Mars Attacks the Miniatures Game puts you in the shoes of the human resistance or invading aliens for the fate of the planet. Everything you need is in the box and ready to play including miniatures and terrain.

Drive Thru Review:

Risk: Star Wars Edition Review

Risk: Star Wars Edition Micro Review: Black Series vs. Standard

Space Cadets: Away Missions Review

Intro (00:00); game overview (01:04); final thoughts and review (11:58)

Bomb Squad Review

Intro (00:00); game overview (01:06); final thoughts and review (09:28)

Polyhedron Collider:

Escape the Nightmare Review

escape the nightmare kickstarter review

How in the name of all that's unholy do you review a game like Escape the Nightmare? It's completely unlike any other game I've played and as such its really difficult to suggest a point of reference. It's less a game and more a group stress test, where your heart is pumping and your brain is confused, because Escape the Nightmare is a game that purposefully messes with your head.

As hinted at by the title, the aim of Escape the Nightmare is to abscond from a dimension of hellish dreams and horrors. In order to escape you will need to collect 4 nightmares of the same type, and to get hold of these cards you merely agree to swap with another player. Of course this doesn't sound much like a nightmare. To make this game more hellish two simple rules are in effect; take the action listed on any card you are given, and you have thirty seconds to collect the set.

T.I.M.E Stories Review

TIME Stories bord game review

When reviewing a game, I generally play the game enough times till you feel like you know it. It’s important to have seen everything the game can offer before committing your thoughts to the internet. But in the case of TIME Stories I'm writing this review after just one play through because I now can't play this game again until I buy the first expansion. It results in what could be the most controversial game of 2015, but could also be one of the best games of 2015.

In TIME Stories you play as a TIME agent, and you have to travel back in time to fix temporal anomalies. Something is buggering with the natural order of the events, so it's your job to police the past. You'll do this by leaping into the bodies of people at the period and location of the event and then will then have a limited amount of actions to solve the mystery before the run ends and you are forced back to the start.