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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

Ah... Saturday.
Let's not say anything and just bask in its warming warm glowing glow for a moment.
... ... ... ... ...
Ah, much better.

And now, let's get on to our Review Roundup.

This week we have: Nations: The Dice Game, Battle at Kemble’s Cascade, Meteor, Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark, DreamForge-Games APC, D&D Miniatures: Rage of Demons Booster, Resistor Card Game, and Malifaux Plastic Minis.


Rome Was Built in 30 Minutes (A Review of Nations: The Dice Game)


Nations: The Dice Game tasks you with leading an industrious people from floundering infancy to imperial greatness – developing infrastructure, conquering territory, advancing in knowledge, erecting world wonders and of course feeding the masses. All with the magisterial wave of a wrist – kind of like Queen Elizabeth

Kemble On! (A Review of Battle at Kemble’s Cascade)


The Battle at Kemble’s Cascade is an emulation of classic arcade space shooters. You start with a ship and some basic abilities, and you fly rapidly through a deadly course of asteroids, enemy ships, and upgrades until you reach the final boss. In this game, though, it’s not about how far you can go – with infinite respawns, you’ll get to the Boss eventually – it’s about how awesome you are along the way.

You start with a ship that can hold 5 Energy, move once per turn, and fire a low-power energy weapon.

Shut Up & Sit Down:

Meteor Review


Imagine you and your friends are protecting the earth from meteors, assembling rockets from the cards in your hand. Sounds fun, right?

Now imagine you don’t have the right cards for a successful launch. And the clock is ticking and you only have five minutes to clear the board. And now imagine you don’t know how big a payload to launch at each meteor, and if you launch one that’s too big the terrific explosion will accelerate all the other meteors.

Oh, yes. Today we’re reviewing Meteor! It’s mean, exhausting and the art design ranges from underwhelming to unclear, but it’s a megaton of fun. For what it’s worth, if you like high-fiving people, this box could be considered a cardboard portal to the high-five dimension.

Board Game Quest:

Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark Review


In 1803, then President Jefferson bought 828,000 square miles of prime North American real estate from France’s garage sale for the bargain bin price of about 3 cents an acre. While that price is a tad higher when adjusted for inflation, you really can’t find much fault in his haggling skills.

Regardless, in the days before google had spied on every square inch of our country with satellites and camera cars, someone had to map out this newly acquired land. To do that, it required taking a trip through the wilderness with some good old ink and parchment.

Enter Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark. Eurogame fans might remember a previous game about Lewis and Clark that came out in 2013. While it apparently received some mixed reviews, I enjoyed the game quite a bit. Not to be content with one foray into the Louisiana Purchase, game designers Cédrick Chaboussit and Vincent Dutrait bring us a dice-based version of Lewis and Clark. Did they succeed in making a unique new dice game for us to enjoy? Lets dive in and find out!

Discoveries is a dice rolling and worker placement game for 2-4 players that takes about 60 minutes to play. Discoveries plays well with any number of players.


DreamForge-Games APC Review


Heute wird es groß und bildintensiv. Wir haben wieder einmal ein großes Review für euch zusammengestellt!

Graven Games:

D&D Miniatures: Rage of Demons Booster Review

DnD Miniatures Rage of Demons Booster Review

Join us for our Rage of Demons miniatures review! This is set 3 of the Dungeons and Dragons: Icons of the Realms range of pre-painted RPG miniatures from WizKids. We’ve already reviewed the first 2 sets Tyranny of Dragons and Elemental Evil, so check those out if you missed them. We’ve always been big fans of using miniatures in our tabletop RPG sessions, and especially love these pre-painted versions as they can be used straight out of the box.

Play Board Games:

Resistor Card Game Review


Resistor_ is a tense, quick-moving card game. You are trying to hack your rival computer to save your country from a nuclear attack.

Battle Brush Studios:

Malifaux Plastic Figures Review

The models finished

In his latest review, Battle Brush Studios' Sigur takes a close look at some of Wyrd Miniatures' plastic kits and sees how they compare to earlier metal figures from their Malifaux ranges.