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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

Welcome, friends, to Saturday. Another week is over and it's time to relax with some gaming. When this posts, I'll be in the middle of a D&D session. The current DM and I are gonna tag out once more and I'm gonna take back over the campaign. Of course, that leaves my character I was playing. I've told the other DM I want him to go out in a blaze of glory. So we'll see what happens.

Anyway, we've collected together a bunch of review articles we've come across and present them to you here now.

In this batch, we've got reviews/previews of: Wrath of Kings, AquaSphere, DC Comics Dice Masters, Dragon Punch, Cauldron, Battlebards, Elysium, Panamax,

PHD Games:

Wrath of Kings Review


Mike Paschal from PHD has given us a great overview of the new Wrath of Kings miniatures game by Cool Mini or Not. Learn about the history of Arikania, the Ancient King, and how the 5 Scion Kings of the land (and water) are positioning their generals to seize the throne.

Each House has a unique theme and play style. The game's mechanics and great visuals make it easy to enter into this rich world.

Play Board Games:

AquaSphere Board Game Review


AquaSphere is a worker placement game in which you are a scientist studying in an undersea lab. Can you utilize your time better than your opponents and score more knowledge points?

DC Comics Dice Masters Review

Dice masters

DC Comics Dice Masters is dice-building game in which you pit your heroes and villains against your opponents.

The Meeple Mechanic:

Dragon Punch Review

Dragon Punch is a tiny 15-minute fighting game for 2 players, inspired by video games like the Street Fighter series. It’s all about trying outwit your opponent with the timing and positioning of your attacks and defenses.

The game was designed to be super-portable: it’s just 21 cards so it’ll fit in any pocket, and you play it entirely in your hand, so it doesn’t require a table or other playing surface. Take it anywhere, play it anywhere.

Club Fantasci:

Cauldron by Altema Games Review


Cauldron is the first game to be designed by Altema Games. Cauldron launched on Kickstarter today April 29th, 2015. In Cauldron, players chose a character with variable powers such as the Alchemist, the Wizard, the Druid or the Trickster. There are 7 different characters available for play. Each player will compete to develop different basic and advanced potions or spells to determine who is the greatest alchemist of all! Victory is achieved by being the first player to get to 35 victory points.

BattleBards Kickstarter Preview


Battlebards is an on-demand, tabletop audio library replete with a built-in mixer and player that will bring your stories to life in a whole new way. There will be no more need for the DM to master accents, dream up some archaic sounding language or strain their vocal chords attempting to imitate a dragon as that foul beast turns the corner to attack. Now you can have professionally recorded voices, music and sound effects that complement and enhance your games narrative, creating a living, breathing world that your fellow gamers will remember long after the adventure ends.

Board to Death TV:

Cauldron Preview

Cauldron is a competitive board game set in a fantasy world. Taking on roles of powerful mystical characters like the Druid, the Shaman or the Wizard, players will brew potions to grow their magical power, while casting spells to stop others from getting ahead. Cauldron is a resource management game that plays with 2-5 players aged 10+ in 1 hour.

Shut Up & Sit Down:

Elysium Review


So you walk into your local board game shop, eager to make a purchase. An unhealthy, bubbly excitement starts building inside you, as if you were a shaken can of cola. You scan the shelves, letting your obsession rise from the pit of your stomach to slightly above your stomach. You’re taking one of these boxes home.

So you drop to all fours, ready to begin the hunt. The shop owner doesn’t give you a second glance. He’s seen it all before. You prowl between the aisles, buttocks undulating like a pair of bald men being ritually drowned. What’s this? Elysium... ?

It’s a brand new release from Space Cowboys, the hot young publisher of the wonderful Splendour and the entirely passable Black Fleet. Elysium looks great! It’s got cards, Greeks, gods, it looks lovely and it’s different every time you play.

Panamax Review

So it turns out that Paul has actually always had something of a fascination for big ships. It also turns out that Panamax mixes big ships with big business and (very) big bucks. After all these years, could this be the way that Paul finally makes his millions?

Of course not. It's a board game. Still, it could be good, right? Let's see what Shut Up & Sit Down's North American Correspondent thinks in a video made in the style of some of our very first reviews.

Board Game Quest:

Impulse Review


In Impulse, each player controls fleets of transports and cruisers that are used to explore the galaxy, activate actions, and attack enemy ships. Players are able to gather resources and research new technologies in order to help their empire grow. Actions that each player takes on their turn is controlled by the Impulse, a set of cards that is continually refreshed and added to and shared by each player.

Cauldron Preview


Players take control of one of seven magic wielders, each with their own unique skills on a quest to master the art of potion making. The game is separated into two phases, one being the harvest season, which will consist of harvesting resources from different fields and brewing potions to earn Magik (victory points). The second is the market season, where players will buy new potion recipes, spells, and plant new fields for more ingredients to harvest. To pay for these new things, players will need to spend the Magik they have earned during the game. This creates a balancing act for players to manage as they go throughout to the game. Unfortunately, the resources needed to brew potions are not unlimited and those pesky other potion makers are looking to make a name for themselves. Players will have to time their moves carefully to be the first to earn enough Magik points to win the game.