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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

Saturday night's alright for fighting... your enemies on the tabletops around the world!
Hopefully you're doing that, anyway.
I've got various whatnots I'm working on at home, one of which is spring cleaning. Joy of joys. But hey, it means next weekend I can have a game day here and not worry about people thinking that an actual bear lives in this place.

Anyway, until then, we've got our regular series of collecting up all the reviews we found over the past week and presenting them to you.

This week's reviews/previews include: Cog 'O' Two Paint and Hobby Station, D&D Miniatures: Elemental Evil Booster, Fallen by Watchtower Games, Five Points: Gangs Of New York By Mayfair Games, Sandcastles Kickstarter, Lost Cities Card Game, Dungeon Dwellers, War of Kings, Super Fantasy Rumble, Black & White, Animal Upon Animal, Tide of Iron, Legion of Honor, and Star Wars Armada.

Graven Games:

Cog 'O' Two Paint and Hobby Station Review


Finding space to assemble and paint your models can be tough! Today’s review looks a compact paint/hobby station from Cog ‘O’ Two which keeps all you need for the hobby in one place, and can be moved or stored away when not in use. Cog ‘O’ Two specialise in laser-cut products which include wargaming templates and tokens, plus accessories for steampunk enthusiasts.

D&D Miniatures: Elemental Evil Booster Review


Our addiction to pre-painted D&D miniatures continues! This time we’ve picked up 8 booster boxes from the recently released Icons of the Realms: Elemental Evil range which is the second set of Dungeons and Dragons miniatures released by WizKids. These collectable miniatures tie into the Elemental Evil storyline in which 4 elemental cults of immense power must be stopped from unifying under the Elder Elemental Eye. After reviewing the first set of these miniatures (see our Tyranny of Dragons Review), we’re eager to see how set 2 builds on the range, so join us as we open up some boosters and have a look through the set.

Club Fantasci:

Fallen by Watchtower Games Review


Fallen is a two-player story based game. It is reviewed by our new reviewer Brad Rochford.

Five Points: Gangs Of New York By Mayfair Games Review

Five Points

Five Points: Gangs of New York from Mayfair Games is reviewed by David Lowry for Club Fantasci.

Sandcastles Kickstarter Review from Christopher Dickinson


Christopher Dickinson takes a look at Sandcastles from Yay Games UK for the upcoming Kickstarter launch.

Play Board Games:

Lost Cities Card Game Review

Lost Cities

Lost Cities has been reprinted. Read my review of this great, 2 player card game.

Board to Death TV:

Dungeon Dwellers Review

Dungeon Dwellers is a fantasy adventure card game that requires strategy, cooperation, and cunning. This game is recommended for 2-4 players. Each player will take on the role of an adventurer seeking gold. Along the way, adventurers will gain treasure, magic items, abilities, and level increases by defeating monsters within the dungeon. The winner will be the player who collects the most gold at the end of the game.

War of Kings Review

In War of Kings, you will assume the role of one of the rival kings. Immediately, you will be faced with decisions on every round of play about how best to expand your realm. During the Construction Phase, in which all players play simultaneously, you will generate resources, collect gold, build settlements, fortify them, and raise armies. The combat system provides many opportunities for tactical and strategic decisions. Wage war with our custom combat dice using a mechanic that engages both the attacking and defending player. You must also contend with the Maladorian Marauders, an evil horde controlled by a card-based mechanic that allows the players to decide how best to wreak havoc on the other kingdoms of Arowyth.

Super Fantasy Rumble Review

Super Fantasy Rumble is a tactical skirmish card game with a puzzle-like Battle mechanic. Your goal is to lead your randomly drawn Rumble Fighters to eliminate all your Opponent’s Rumble Fighters. The Rumble Fighters and art style is inspired by 80s Saturday Morning Cartoons and video games that we all love.

Black & White Review

Black&White is a two-player block war game that takes place on a hexagonal board that may be customized by terrain tiles. Before the game, each player builds his army using available troops and also assigns the leader. Each side of the conflict has nine different units from which to choose. The choice is not simple, however, as only a proper balance between various types of infantry, cavalry and artillery will make for a strong army.

Board Game Quest:

Animal Upon Animal Review


Animal Upon Animal is a stacking game for 2-4 players that plays in about fifteen minutes. In my experience, the game plays well with 3-4 player counts.

Tide of Iron Review


Today, we will be looking at Tide of Iron. The game is a modular war game set in World War II that was originally released by Fantasy Flight games back in 2007, and recently licensed to 1A Games to produce the second edition of the game; Tide of Iron: Next Wave and future expansions. I have had the chance to play with both versions of the game and will give my thoughts on the two versions in addition to our normal review. I have a lot to cover so let’s get to it!

Tide of Iron is a modular war game for 2-4 players to play in around 2 hours. In my experience the game plays best with 2 or 4 players.

Shut Up & Sit Down:

Legion of Honor Review

Legion of Honor

This is Legion of Honor, the card game of career soldiering in Napoleon's Grand Armee. Except that really it's more of a competitive role-playing, story-telling game with cards. Think Tales of the Arabian Nights, if you took away the Rocs and Sorcerers and replaced them with garrison duty and overbearing Sergeant-Majors.

Star Wars Armada Review

Star Wars Armada

We played Star Wars: Armada, Paul! Fantasy Flight’s new game in the style of their hugely popular X-Wing Miniatures game. Everyone can read our first impressions of X-Wing here and watch our comprehensive review here, but to summarise, we love X-Wing. This week, with the release of Star Wars: Armada, Fantasy Flight is offering something more grand. The same collectable, pre-painted Star Wars ships, but this time they're fighting on a much, much more epic scale.