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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y, Night!
Ok, so it's not exactly "night" yet... unless you're East of here. So those of you in Europe might consider it night.

I'm getting off track. Anyway, it's Saturday and hopefully you're getting your gaming groove on.

We've got a collection of the review articles we found during the week and present them to you now.

In this edition, we have reviews/previews of: Doomtown: Reloaded, Mysterium, Between Two Cities, Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide, Sanssouci, Mythtopia, The Tyrant and Dreadnought Army Cases from Tabletop Tyrant, Oh My Gods!, Iron Kingdoms: Unleashed Adventure Kit, and Specter Ops.

Shut Up & Sit Down:

Doomtown: Reloaded Review

Following on from XCOM, it's time for our second big review of the year. Doomtown: Reloaded is a portable game with some big ideas. It's a generous box with a golden future. It is, in fact, the first real competitor to the awesome Android: Netrunner.

Is this town big enough for the both of 'em?

Board Game Quest:

Mysterium Review


There has been a murder! Many years ago, an ancient mansion was the site of a horrible crime. A crime in which the owner of the house was falsely convicted and sent to prison (I swear I’m not doing a review of the A-Team here, stay with me). That poor man died in prison and has since returned to the walls of his old home as a ghost to pester the current inhabitants. They now need you, an intrepid group of paranormal experts, to put his soul to rest.

That’s the great theme of today’s review of Mysterium (currently for sale in Europe as Tajemnicze Domostwo), a cooperative deduction game that will have you racing the clock to solve the mystery. Can you help put the spirit to rest?

Mysterium is a cooperative deduction game for 2-7 players that takes about 45 minutes to play. Mysterium plays best for 4-5 players.

Between Two Cities Preview


Stonemaier Games has built itself a pretty solid reputation. Their small company has released two medium-weight games (and an expansion), all of which could be considered a resounding success. I’ve played Viticulture and Euphoria more times than I can count, so I’m always interested when I hear they have a new game coming out.

And new game they do as Stonemaier is back on Kickstarter with their latest campaign, Between Two Cities. This is the first title to be published by Stonemaier that wasn’t developed in house by designer Jamey Stegmaier. Instead, they turn to veteran game designers Matthew O’Malley (Diner) and Ben Rosset (Brewcrafters, Mars Needs Mechanics) for the creation of Between Two Cities. Can Stonemaier keep their streak of great games alive on the back of a different designer? Let’s find out!

Between Two Cities is a tile drafting, set collection and city building game for 2-7 players that takes about 25 minutes to play.

Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide Review


We are finally here, the last book of the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition “core set”. When they first announced that the roll out of the core books would be a month by month process, I was a little unsure of the strategy. I’m used to getting my hands on all three books at once and, as my wife will attest to, I hate change. But it seems to have worked out OK. The Player’s Handbook was outstanding and the Monster Manual was a love letter to DMs. Truth be told, we were able to play the game just fine with the staggered roll out.

So now it’s time to dive into the final book in the set, the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Even though I’ve ran countless campaigns as a dungeon master (DM), I rarely read the Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG) cover to cover. It’s always been more of a tool for me to use piece-meal as needed. So what do I think of a book that’s targeted only to a specific section of the RPG market? Let’s find out.

Play Board Games:

Sanssouci Board Game Review


In Sanssouci you are trying to create the most beautiful garden. You gain VPs by completing rows and columns in your garden, by moving your nobles through it and by completing your secret mission card. Score the most VPs and win the game.

Mythotopia Board Game Review


Mythotopia is a deck-building game mixed with area control and a bit of war game.

You win Mythotopia by scoring the most VPs. You gain VPs by invading your opponents’ provinces or achieving the victory conditions on Victory Point Cards.

Graven Games:

The Tyrant and Dreadnought Army Cases Review

The Tyrant and Dreadnought Army Cases

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got plenty of armies and miniatures, and could always do with a decent solution for storage and transport. Today we examine two options from Tabletop Tyrant, we’ve already had a look at their smaller Squire Plastic Figure Case, so today we’re trying out the Tyrant and Dreadnought army figure cases.

The Meeple Mechanic:

Dead Man's Draw Review

Dead Mans Draw

Dead Man’s Draw is a press-your-luck card game where thematically, you play a pirate trying to accumulate the most wealth (highest-numbered cards from a unique deck). So let’s get right into the rules!

Oh My Gods! Review

Oh My Gods

In Oh My Gods!, one of the Greek gods has stolen Zeus’ lightning bolt. Now you need to find Mr. Boddy– I mean the thief– Essentially you are about to play a themed game of Clue. But stay with me! It does get better!

Play Unplugged:

Iron Kingdoms: Unleashed Adventure Kit Unboxing


It’s the new Iron Kingdoms RPG Adventure Kit Unleashed and unboxed! Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini takes you inside Privateer Press’s latest RPG starter set. Will he survive the wilds of Urcaen?

Watch It Played:

Specter Ops video

In this episode we learn how to play Specter Ops.