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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Round-Up

As you read this, I'm out playing D&D with my friends. I'm taking my new bard out for a spin. Hopefully, "we'll hide behind the pile of dead bards!" isn't uttered halfway through the adventure... hopefully...

But anyway, on to the review round-up!

This installment has: a look at the Evolution board game, a review of the Heroes of Metro City deck-building game, a look back at D&D's Oriental Adventures, a preview of Nearspace, a review of Cross Hares: Testing Ground, and a preview of The Kingswood.

Play Board Games:

Evolution Board Game

evolution board game

Evolution is a game of survival of the fittest. You evolve your species to help them eat, breed and defend themselves.

Heroes of Metro City

Heroes of Metro City

Heroes of Metro City is a super-hero themed deck-building game. If you knock out the Archenemy first you win.

Nerds on Earth:

A Look Back at Oriental Adventures

Oriental Adventures

D&D's Oriental Adventures books have always been well received, but there are only modest hints that it has a future in 5e.

Polyhedron Collider:

A Preview of Nearspace


Nearspace is a straightforward 2 player 4X game, and by 4X we mean explore, expand, exterminate and, erm, xylophones? You’ll be presented with a galaxy of unexplored space and on the other side of it, your enemy’s homeworld. Your aim is to spread out into the stars and smash your opponent into oblivion. This is done by building ships to explore systems and claiming planets rich in resources to expand your fleet. As you explore you’ll find colonies, star bases, alien races and empty space, as well as some nasty surprises like minefields and pirates.

Board Game Quest:

Cross Hares: Testing Ground Review


Today we are going to look at Cross Hares: Testing Ground. Published by 1A Games, Cross Hares was both designed and illustrated by Jesse Labbé. Billing itself as a “classic trail based strategy game with a modern day twist”, Labbé seeks to bring the games of our past into the future. Did he succeed? Let’s find out!

Cross Hares: Testing Ground is a trail based, roll and move game for 2-4 players that takes about an hour to play. Cross Hares: Testing Ground plays best with 4 players.

The Kingswood Preview

The Kingswood

When I was doing a report on the Gold Rush in the United States back in high school, I was fascinated with the claiming rules used during that time. Basically it boiled down to if you were the first one to discover gold or any mineral deposit the land is yours. That same basic principle applies to the game we will be preview today. The Kingswood is a tile placement and role selection game set in a mystical world where players take charge of animal Merchant Houses. Each house is attempting to claim the newly discovered treasure at the heart of The Kingswood. Let’s get into the preview to see if this game is something you would like to support on Kickstarter.