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TGN Review Roundup

Well, well, well. Here we are at another Saturday. I hope that those of you out in Boston for PAX East are having a good time, enjoying the cold and snow and all that. Here in Atlanta, it's rainy and decently warm. Not the greatest weather to be outside, so that's why everyone should be inside at a gaming table, enjoying this wonderful hobby world of ours.

Anyway, it's also time for another Review Roundup.

This week's installment includes reviews/previews of: Sally 4th 28mm Modular Castle Kits, D&D Miniatures: Tiamat and Bahamut Dragons, Clairvoyance, Harbour, Commands & Colors: Ancients Expansions 2 & 3, Super Motherload, Cyclades: Titans, RESISTOR_, Epic Resort, and Vault Wars.

Graven Games:

Sally 4th 28mm Modular Castle Kits Review


Castles. Castles are cool. We wanted some castle scenery for use in our tabletop RPGs and fantasy wargames such as Warhammer Fantasy. After looking around at the various options we opted to pick up some of the kits available from Sally 4th, a company specialisting in laser-cut buildings and terrain for historical and fantasy wargaming. Their range of 28mm scale castle kits is vast including many types of tower, wall, building, and hoardings.

D&D Miniatures: Tiamat and Bahamut Dragons Review


Today we are excited to be reviewing Tiamat and Bahamut, two premium dragon figures from the D&D miniatures Icons of the Realms range. These gargantuan sized pre-painted figures can be used in your Dungeons and Dragons RPG sessions, or as collectors pieces for display. These were kindly sent over to us by WizKids after reading our review of their D&D Tyranny of Dragons miniatures set.

The Meeple Mechanic:

Clairvoyance Review


In Clairvoyance, players take on the role of psychics capable of controlling objects with their minds. These psychics are in a fight for supremacy using all the objects in an antiques shop, which are portrayed by cards. You’ll be “throwing” items at each other, damaging each other’s health and eliminating players as the game goes on. Last psychic standing wins.

Harbour Review


In Harbour, players take the roles of entrepreneurs in the port of Gullsbottom. Players collect and exchange goods, manipulate the market, and purchase the highest-valued buildings to win the game.

Play Board Games:

Commands & Colors: Ancients Expansions 2 & 3 Review

command and colors

The second and third expansions for Commands & Colors Ancients have been combined. In one box you get another Roman army, a Barbarian army, a couple new units, lots of new scenarios and more.

Animal Upon Animal Review

Animal Upon Animal

Animal Upon Animal is a stacking game that both young and old can enjoy together.

Dog & Thimble:

Super Motherload Review

This is a deck builder, but not like Dominion or Star Realms. This game comes with a board. Not a superficial one that is there just to help you place cards. This board is as essential, maybe more so, than the deck you’ll build. And that’s what helps Super Motherload stand out. It’s certainly unique, even if it has some flaws.

Your goal is to drill and bomb your way through the layers of Mars, collecting minerals, bonus bomb tokens, and uncovering alien artifacts. You start with a weak assortment of cards, but like most deck builders, there’s a marketplace to buy better cards.

Shut Up & Sit Down:

Cyclades: Titans Review

First, there was nothing. For our evenings were without form, and void. Then there was Cyclades, which let us fill them with a really lovely, accessible war game. Then came the expansion of Cyclades: Hades, and there was a great sadness because we thought it was rubbish, and said as much.

And then there was a great rejoicing, as Cyclades: Titans graced the shelves of our shops, and brought joy to our hearts. Finally came this Cyclades: Titans review, so the people could sit, and listen, and see if it was shit or not.

So it is written, and so it shall forever be.

Polyhedron Collider:


Resistor_ card game review

RESISTOR_ is a card game about hacking but is nothing like real hacking. Then again hacking as shown in the movies is nothing like real hacking. Real hacking is rather boring to watch, and rather bewildering to do. RESISTOR_ on the other hand is enormous fun, even if it does make your brain hurt some times.

The aim of resistor is to hack your opponent’s main frame by creating an unbroken line of your colour from your mainframe to the enemy’s. If you do so you knock the enemy’s mainframe down a DefCon level and you get closer to launching a nuclear missile, but you can ignore the whole cold war aspect as its largely irrelevant. You achieve all this by taking three actions each turn in any order; swap a card out, flip a card over and draw and discard a card. These three actions may not sound like much but they are really clever for one reason; the cards are double sided and you have to hold your hand so your opponent can see the opposite side of the card.

Board Game Quest:

Epic Resort Review


My wife and I love to take vacations to the Caribbean. I love sitting on the beach with a fruity drink in one hand, my kindle in the other, and listening to the ocean roll in. It’s a magical experience… right up to the point where a dragon attacks and burns us to a crisp

OK, maybe that last part never actually happened. But today we are going to take a look at Epic Resort by Floodgate Games. Where do adventurers go after a hard-fought dungeon crawl for a little R and R? No, not Disney World, they head to the Epic Resort. A sun filled location of rest, relaxation, and a little bit (OK a lot) of excitement. Is running this resort for recovering heroes as much fun as slaying monsters in a dungeon? Let’s find out!

Epic Resort is a deck constructing and resource management games for 2-4 players that takes about 30 minutes per player. Epic Resort plays best with any number of players.

Vault Wars Preview

Vault Wars

Yesterday we posted our review of Epic Resort by Floodgate Games. It’s a game about where heroes go on vacation when they need a break of the daily dungeon crawl grind. If you want to know more about it, you can read our full review here.

But today we are going to talk about Vault Wars, a new auction game coming to Kickstarter. What happens to a hero’s stuff when he goes to the Epic Resort and doesn’t come back? Well, unless his bills are all paid up, his vault will eventually get auctioned off. Lucky for you, you have to the coin to take advantage of that potential windfall. So let’s dive into Vault Wars and see if that’s something you’d like to back on Kickstarter.

Vault Wars is a set collection and auction game for 3-5 players that takes about 30 minutes to play. Vault Wars plays best with 5 players.