TGN Review: Paulson Games Medium Mechs in 15mm and 6mm

Paulson Games wants their mecha minis available to a wide variety of gamers. As such, they’ve created their NorAm Lynx miniature in both 15mm and 6mm scales. I’ve previously taken a look at a trio of the light mech kits that they make. Can the quality keep up with the bump up to their first medium mech?


Jon over at Paulson games sent me a pair of minis for my perusal.

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Strap into your cockpit and open the mech bay doors, please, Hal. It’s time for another TGN Review.

The light mech kits I got from Paulson Games I really enjoyed. I felt they were very high quality resin and they were very easy to work with. Those models were the first ones I’d ever magnetized and oh, if only all kits were that easy to manipulate in such a fashion.

I’m happy to say that the Lynx models sent me continue in this tradition. The resin in use is very smooth. Many resin models you get will have a definite texture to them. They’ll be very slightly rough like extremely fine-grit sandpaper. Or worse, they could actually be downright gritty. But this resin, if I had my eyes closed and someone handed me a piece from these kits, I’d might assume it was plastic.

6mm Parts

15mm Parts

Medium Parts

There are some mold lines on the models, but they clean up easily with a hobby knife or metal file. Of course, as I look at the photos of the minis, I realize I wasn’t quite as careful cleaning the pieces as I should’ve been and you can still see a few of the lines in the photos. However, a quick touch-up once I get back home and those should be gone.

6mm Assembled Front

6mm Assembled Side

6mm Assembled Back

The material is easy to cut and drill. Like my light kits before, I magnetized both of these kits. I didn’t take photos of the models with their arms off, since you can all visualize what that looks like, I’m sure. A thought with the kits is that since they’re rather cut-able would be that it wouldn’t be too hard to cut the legs at the joints and get a walking pose.

15mm Assembled Front

15mm Assembled Side

15mm Assembled Back

You can see here how the new kits measure up to the original light mech kit as well as a Dark Age model. The 6mm is truly tiny while the 15mm towers above the others.

6mm 15mm Light 15mm Heavy

Scale Photo

If there was any criticism I might have about the models is, while there are some design differences between the light and medium kits (some different detail on the legs, toes splayed differently, etc.) I feel there could be some more differences between the kits. There certainly is a NorAm aesthetic and you certainly want to keep that going, but a few little details here and there that were different between them would’ve been nice. However, that’s a small gripe, overall, and the more I look back and forth between the light and medium, the more differences I’m seeing.

Anyway, Paulson Games has a Kickstarter campaign going on now for creating even more mechs. They’ve made more than 5x their goal with just under a week to go. They’ve even got some heavy mechs unlocked. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those.