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TGN Recent Changes

Hello TGN Readers!

My name is Marcus and my company, BV Software acquired TGN from CMON back in December. I've been working closely with CMON and Polar_Bear over the past 30 days to ensure a smooth transition. Polar_Bear will be staying on as the editor so news won't be interrupted. You may have seen the user survey I posted to help understand what's working and what isn't working for TGN readers. Based on the fantastic responses to the survey, we've already implemented some changes:

  • Refreshed the site design to be cleaner and responsive so that it works better on tablets and mobile devices

  • Moved to a new web host for faster page response times

  • Removed the non-tabletop related ads from the Disqus comments section

  • Improved Twitter posts by including the first part of article text instead of the headline only

I hope that these changes have improved TGN a little but there is more work to do. Please take a moment and help us by ranking the most wanted features so that we can prioritize improvements that you'd like to see:

Click Here to Rank the Features You want on TGN