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TGN Preview: The Godfather

Today at the CMON booth here at Gen Con, the folks were kind enough to invite a group of media people to get a sneak-preview of several games that will be coming out in the next 6-12 months from them. It was a great experience to get a closer look at what will be the "new hotness" in gaming soon. First up, Eric Lang, himself, gave us a preview of The Godfather board game he's been working on.

Starting out, Eric told us that the game was basically done. It's polished and ready to go We got a look at some of the minis that will be coming in the box (note: these are prototypes and not production plastics we got to see). Eric was really excited to work on the game, since the first Godfather movie is one of his favorites and is "much, much, much, much better than the second one."

As for what you can expect in the game, it's "everything you'd expect in an Eric Lang game." There's "thug placement" and an economy in the game. Players take on the rolls of the heads of various crime families in the city. You send out your thugs to shake down businesses for money. Money in your hand isn't worth any points. It's only when you "bank" it in your suitcases that it will be scored at the end. Besides shakedowns of the local shops, you can also smuggle goods and do other jobs in order to make more money.

The game takes place over the course of four acts. After each act, the Don will demand tribute, which will cause people to discard their hands down to a certain hand size. So if you've been buying extra goons or other goods, you'll want to make sure they're out in play, otherwise you'll lose them. At the end of the 4th act, the player that has the most money will become the new Don (and, thus, win the game).

The game is for 2-5 players and takes about 90min for a full game.

Eric really wished he could show us the board for the game. Unfortunately, it's not quite ready yet. All of the artwork for the game was done by Karl Kopinski. He did oil paintings and then those paintings were turned into the minis, the box art, and the game board.

Look for The Godfather sometime Quarter 1 in 2017.
It will be an offer you can't refuse.