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TGN Preview: Rising Sun

TGN Preview: Rising Sun

Here at Gen Con, CMON has made a couple announcements about new games they’re working on. The one that I’ve heard creating the most buzz is Rising Sun. For those that like Blood Rage, you’re going to want to pay attention, as the “gang’s back together” that worked on that game: Eric Lang design, Adrian Smith artwork, and Mike McVey doing the minis. A few media people were given a closer look at what the game will be like.

The gods have returned and they’re not exactly happy with what they see. As such, they’ve decided to make Japan anew. Now it is up to the clans to repopulate the land. But everyone wants their own places to call home, and areas over which they have the power. The islands are only so big, so conflict is bound to ensue.

The game is described as following in the footsteps of Blood Rage. However, that’s not simply to say you’re trading in your axes for katanas. Rising Sun is more a “Gentleman’s Diplomacy Game.” There’s plenty of deal-making and negotiation as the clans (each of which plays differently from one-another, so picking a different clan can give you a different game experience), and you can even form official, formal alliances with other players. These alliances allow you to share bonuses for certain things. However, any deal can be broken, and double-crossing your ally can earn you big rewards. However, your Honor will take a huge hit. And since Honor is how ties are broken in the game, you’ll want to make sure it’s not entirely down in the dumps… unless you don’t mind that sort of thing.

Players will be able to place several types of units, from bushi to Shinto priests, to samurai on the board in order to extend their influence. Along with them, you will be able to engender the services of mythical beasts to add to your forces. Oni, Kitsune, and Dragons can all bend to your will. With control of areas will come Strongholds, and those are where the real points are.

But it’s not just attacking that gets you power. It’s entirely possible that you can go the “nice guy route” and still win. If you do things that help out your other players, and if you are good with your alliances, you can end up winning without ever having to unsheathe your sword in anger.

This game will be coming to Kickstarter, though no definite date has been set. “It will be done when it’s done.” But it’s certainly one that everyone is looking forward to.