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TGN Preview: Kronia

The final game we took a look at was also a cool bluffing/blind bidding game. It's by some of the same designers that made Sheriff of Nottingham. So if you liked how those mechanics worked, you'll probably like how this one works, too. It's called Kronia and it's all about getting the right gifts to the right Greek gods.

In the game, temples are set up to the Greek gods. But which gods are the temples dedicated to? That's decided by pulling tokens out of a bag. The tokens represent the different gods by matching the token color with the color of the god's tile. Different gods are worth different points if you win their temple (winning by having the highest bid there). Also, different temples might have different special rules on how players interact with them.


Anyway, play really begins when players start bidding for the temples. Players are given a set of cards that are numbered 1-12, representing the strength of your offerings to a particular temple. The cards are played face-down, and players can also potentially move their bids around after they've been placed. So you're not entirely "locked in" with your first play. After a chance for players to bid and move (if they wish), the bids are revealed. The player that bid highest wins the temple and takes the token into their scoring area. However, the winning bid card is then discarded. The losing player(s) get their cards back. So it's good to win a temple, but you don't want to over-bid too much for it.

The game goes on for 12 bidding rounds, with players trying to collect sets of tokens that will get them better points at the end of the game (certain gods, such as Hades, can negate tokens if you score them, so you probably don't want to score the Hades token, if you can avoid it). Players then total up their points and see who the gods favor the most.

I liked this game. There's a lot of hidden information and bluffing. I've always been a fan of that type of game. The bidding rounds go by quickly, so even though you see "man, I gotta play 12 rounds of this" it does go by quick.

No hard date was given for the game's release. But don't worry, I'll let you know when you can pick it up.