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TGN Preview: Gekido

TGN Preview: Gekido

After the two presentations by Eric Lang, he handed us off to CMON’s Guile to tell us about Gekido, designed by Fel Barros. The game involves building and fighting robots. So you know, right off the bat, they’ve got my attention.

The game is for 2-4 players. Each one takes control of a fighting robot (the figures will be pre-painted plastic models). Creating your robot involves placement of the game’s two types of dice on your board. You have your Structure dice, and then your attack dice. Depending on how you place the dice, your robot will be stronger or weaker in certain areas. The central board for the game is made up of tiles. Depending on where your robot is on the board, you might get bonuses to damage or be able to get extra cards, or some other form of bonus.

As you attack, your robot will obviously be damaged. But instead of just getting more and more beat down and weaker, the robots actually go up in strength as they are hurt. And this is where robots also differ. Some might get better attacking capabilities, while another might get better defensive capabilities. There are also Targeting Tokens, meaning in a game you can’t all just beat up on one guy over and over. It’s only after you turn your Target Tokens back over that you can once more attack a particular enemy.

Along with the dice, there’s also a deck of cards that can come in handy. There are three types in the deck. There are those that will help you out when attacking, those that help you out when defending, and others that can be played at any time. Some might give you extra power for your attack, or let you reroll on the defense. Just all sorts of various modifiers and tricks to pull out of your sleeve just when it looks like you’ll be out of the fight.

The game is quick to play, with an average match taking about 25min. It will be coming direct to retailers. So no Kickstarter campaign for this one. Expect it on store shelves sometime in Quarter 4 of this year with an MSRP around $65.