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TGN Podcast Roundup

We've once again made it to Tuesday. Hopefully May the 4th was with you. And today's Cinco De Mayo. Please celebrate responsibly.

As is our custom, we've collected together the podcasts we've come across in the previous week and present them to you here now.

In this installment we have: Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #28: Imperial Smog, Beyond Kalidasia - Season 3 Episode 3 - An Overall Look at the Game Design Process, and Adeptus Infernus 021.

Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #28: Imperial Smog


Sometimes Team SU&SD can be compared to a marching band, except instead of playing musical instruments we make awful mistakes, and instead of moving forward we stay in the same place forever.

Not today, though! Podcast #28 is now live in our RSS feeds and in our podcast section, and in it we prove our competence. Paul discusses overcoming Panamax's awful manual to discover the fabulous game within, while Matt and Quinns discuss the great time they had leading civilizations in both Nations and Imperial Settlers. Finally, we discuss Paul's new, potent sex power in the game of Apocalypse World.

Don't worry. This can't last... can it?

Beyond Kalidasia - Season 3 Episode 3 - An Overall Look at the Game Design Process

Season 3 of Beyond Kalidasia continues with a look at the overall design process I use for tabletop games. My process includes four steps:

Alpha Design Phase
Beta Design Phase
Release Candidate Phase
Production Phase

Over the next few episodes, I will dive into each of these phases in greater detail.

Adeptus Infernus 021


John and Greg are back to catch up on news and rumors in the world of Warhammer 40K.

Hobby Progress, Deathwatch/Genestealer Cults, Assassins: Execution Force, Space Marines, Cult Mechanicus, Imperial Knights, Forge World (Samus, Deimos Vindicator), Character Spotlight: Gerantius, Adeptitrocities, Wrath of Kings giveaway and more.