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TGN Podcast Roundup

Here we are again on Tuesday. Seems we got here pretty quick. Monday, thankfully, came and went without much of a hitch, at least here. Hopefully yours was much the same.

So anyway, we've got our regular segment here of collecting the week's podcasts for you to listen to at your leisure.
Which are your favorites?

In this grouping we've got: Game Classy 83: Thursday Night, Geeks of the North Episode 12: Templecon recap, Ronnie and Luke Talk: DreadBall Xtreme Part 02, Mantic Podcast Episode 14, Adeptus Infernus Dataslate 02 and 03, and Lost Hemisphere Radio ep109: Cherchez la femme.

Game Classy 83: Thursday Night


Joe and Steve record a bit earlier in the week, but that doesn’t diminish the vulgarity. There’s a bit of Force of Will, Some coverage on the Blood Rage Kickstarter, They make fun of Thunderbirds, and they talk about Princes of the Apocalypse. Also, tune in for a giveaway for 2 free tickets to C2E2, Chicago’s best Comic book convention!

Geeks of the North Episode 12 – Templecon recap


Hello Geeks!

This week, we’re joined by Dan the Mooseman and 80% G. After our usual banter, the guys recap their trip to Templecon while Antoine cry in the corner for missing the convention. So sit back, relax, grab a paintbrush and enjoy the show!

Ronnie and Luke Talk: DreadBall Xtreme Part 02

This time Ronnie and Luke talk about the DreadBall Xtreme team mechanic.

Mantic Podcast Episode 14

Mantic Podcast

The new episode of our podcast is here!

This episode we talk about all the latest news going on at mantic HQ, a sit down chat with Jake Thornton about the current state of Dungeon Saga and some good old fashioned Q&A with Chris Palmer!

Adeptus Infernus Dataslate 02

Adeptus Infernus

It's a Bonusode! Greg and John get together for some impromptu 40K talk. Raging Heroes announces the two week blitz kickstarter campaign for the Sisters of Eternal Mercy and Void Elves. Will Khorne get some love in 40K? Privateer Press announces Reckoning for Warmachine. Will there or will there not be Horus Heresy plastic kits? A spotlight on Cypher and more!

Adeptus Infernus Dataslate 03

adeptus infernus 3

How about one more bonusode before Adepticon? News for Khorne in 40K, an update on what's going with the Adepta Sororitas, hobby progress, Lelith Hesperax and of course more Adepticon talk.

Lost Hemisphere Radio ep109: Cherchez la femme


A recent social media discussion between some of Warmachine's female gamers touched on some of the challenges of being a woman in the competitive tournament scene. Continuing the discussion, Gdaybloke is joined this episode by three gamers who all attended Templecon and survived. One of them even made it through the episode without Gdaybloke setting them on fire for being a filthy Morrowan.