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Feb 14th, 2011

Tabletop Gaming News is attempting to get an idea of how gamers are spending their time and money. To that end we have two polls. This poll asks you how your spent your gaming dollars in January 2011. The other asks what games you played during the month.

You can select up to four options. Remember that you can select a game even if you didn’t play it. We’re interested solely in purchasing, our other poll covers the games you actually played.

Also note that the intent of the poll is to track what you purchased the product for not what it was intended for. So if you bought a GW Warhammer miniature to use in Songs of Blades and Heroes then please don’t mark it as a Warhammer purchase.

Purchasing Poll

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  • Not that it matters much for one vote missed. I failed to mark Pulp City down as I purchased a Giant Hadron and an additional expansion.

  • Chameleon

    It might be helpful for future poll choices if those that select the ‘other’ categories post a comment with the titles for which they’ve purchased something in the month.

    • Zac

      Then someone would have to validate the data to ensure that everyone spelt the name of the game the same way and did it the same way as it was done in previous polls.

      • Chameleon

        The idea is that if the same title is mentioned several times in the comments section each month, it could replace one of the poll entries that consistently receives few or no votes in the following month’s poll selections. No need to coordinate data from text entries for inclusion in the current month’s poll results.

        • Zac

          People can ask for new games to be added when I trim the “dead” games in a month or two

        • Zac

          When I get the results from this poll I will be removing any game that got no results for four months.

          Once I do that I will solicit suggestions for additions to the poll

  • simon.dugard

    It would be better if I could pick more than 4 choices…

    • Zac

      Its been mentioned before. Pick the four you spent/gamed the most on.

      • maroonldr

        I wish I had a dollar everytime this was and wile mentioned!

        PS I didn’t have to log in to vote this time.

        • Zac

          You shouldn’t need to.

  • Where the money went:

    1) Zombies and survivors in 28mm

    2) Spaceships in “fleet” scale

    3) Mechs and support units in 1:300/6mm and

    4) Pulp in 28mm.

  • pbeccas

    I have started to spend up big for the release of Hail Caesar from Rick Priestly.

  • Darkeldar

    Some of my gaming purchases I’ve made in the past few months, I don’t know if they fall into the scope of this poll or not. I’m talking about the WH40K RPGs, of which I’ve been purchasing all the releases across all 3 lines. I had given up the miniature game for years, but I get my 40K fix through these games, and I’ve been trying to see if there is a skirmish system within the Deathwatch rules. Would these apply as “other”?

    • tuco

      In response to Darkeldar, I think it wouldn’t be too hard to take the rules for 40k RPGs and pull a skirmish game out of them. Give each player a set amount of “credits” to be used either for the purchase of a model, upgrading the model’s stats/skills/talents converting the xp cost into the credits, or buying equipment for the model. Figuring out the purchase cost of a model would be the hardest part. With Dark Heresy characters you could just figure the cost of their equipment and base skills. Rogue Trader characters wouldn’t be that much harder. It’s the Space Marines that would be the trickiest. With the abilities their gene seed and power armor give them deciding on a points cost for a base marine would be a project in and of itself. Combat could be run straight out of the RPG books since it’s actually pretty close to a minis game anyway. In fact, you could make a useable version of the older Inquisitor skirmish game out of these rules with the GW figures instead of the old 52mm scale that Inquisitor used back in the day.

      As far as what I spent my money on, It was some small tings for Moardheim and Necromunda (glad to see I’m far from the only one), some start-up stuff for Dystopian Wars, and then all the expansion packs for Tannhauser which I clicked “Other: Boardgame” for.

  • GS_topcow

    -Placed a Large order of AE-bounty (minis, deckplates, rules), also got some Pig Iron Minis to play with it.

    -Got two factions of MERCS & rules (one of each model, plus cardsets)

    -two boxes of Pan Oceania Knights (drool), A box of Kuan Shi, several blisters

    -Got 51st state, Toledo, Illuminati, La resistance and several other small card and board games…

    I love december…

  • Picked up cheap terrain on eBay. That’s it.

  • Darkson

    Need to add one vote to Elfball (missed it when I voted).