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TGN Interviews Kevin Clark about Wrath of Kings

Hello again, everyone. It's that time again for our weekly TGN interview with the people who make the games you love to play. This week it's Kevin Clark from CoolMiniOrNot as he talks about Wrath of Kings which is slated for a GenCon release. Enjoy. **Updated with pictures**

TGN: Kevin, tell us something about yourself. What's your background in the gaming industry?

Kevin: I have worked in the gaming industry for a little over 15 year one way or another. I worked at WOTC retail stores when they started and through the beginning of Pokemon to move on to working the actual making side of things at Privateer Press where I was for a little over 7 years.

I have done everything from casting and packing models to designing games from the ground up. Now I am the Director of Research and Development for Cool Mini or Not. This means I am in charge of getting games developed.

TGN: Wrath of Kings is slated for a GenCon release. How much of the process is left to go? What sort of planning goes into making sure something is ready for a release like a convention? What makes a Convention release different than just a general release?

Wrath of Kings is off to print here shortly, so that is awesome!
I don’t think a release for a convention is that much different than any normal release. Because most things are released at Gencon or around it. What it does do is give you a hard date you have to be ready for, since a convention will not change their show dates for you just because a project is running long.

TGN: What sort of scale is Wrath of Kings? About how many models should we expect to see on the table for an average-sized game? Is it more a skirmish-sized game or a mass-combat system?

Kevin: Wrath of kings is a 28mm scale.
I think around 30 models is what you would expect for an average game.
Lastly, Wrath is built to be as large a game as you want it to be. I think it’s a great large scale game and small 10 model game.

TGN: What can you tell us about the game play of Wrath of Kings? What makes it stand out from the other gaming systems out there?

The combat mechanic is very unique, simple and yet dynamic. The game is built from the ground up to seamlessly scale to the size and scope that you are interested in playing.
We will be revealing more info on this in coming months!

TGN: What is your favorite unit for Wrath of Kings, either model-wise or rules-wise? Is there anything in-particular you're more excited to have coming out for the game and just can't wait to see others using on the gaming table?

I really like them all, I really like the way everything turned out. It seems like a copout answer to me but it’s really true.

The thing I cannot wait for is people getting play with the stuff. I think we have a great game, with a awesome setting, and amazing models. I cannot wait for people to have it in their hands and see for themselves!

TGN: Anything else you might want to add, or anything you'd like to know back from our readers?

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