TGN Interview with Kevin Clark at the CoolMiniOrNot Expo

By Polar_Bear
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May 24th, 2013
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Spencer, our intrepid Action News Team Field Reporter, talked with Kevin Clark while at the CoolMiniOrNot Expo. They discuss Wrath of Kings and Zombicide. Fun times.

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  • jedijon

    Well, it’s kind of like the tone set by the updates on Mantic’s [current] Deadzone kickstarter. They are these LONG multivariate updates that might even have the same image across several updates, or as the most recent update does, twice in the SAME update. So those of us that have heard the teasers and the tidbits may have the reaction to this game in the same way…we just don’t want to hear about it any more.

    Kind’ve a ‘cried wolf’ phenomena. Or maybe it’s a fatigue. You can’t be excited anymore when you’ve heard the same thing over and over. And honestly, while I appreciate the brevity of the interview given the situation [basically that we’re not going to get any concrete info anyway…till fall I hear], it’s even tougher to generate enthusiasm for what amounts to several minutes of corporate speak. Yes, we DO believe you’re excited and like the game–what else could you possibly say?

    That said, you can’t turn back the clock now – there’s still at least SOME excitement out there – is this finally a skirmish game ala Confrontation that’s mechanically pretty sound and for which we’d be honored to own the models? Some at least think so. SO, now a key factor is just this gigantic kickstarter glut. This’ll clearly be one, you don’t say it in the video–but of course you don’t say much in the video.

    I’ve got the advance .PDF from a year ago so I know the core mechanic to which you no more than even hint in the video [unless you’ve changed it–entirely possible…]. At best, you can find yourself in an open spot in the “kickstarter season/cycle/churn” like a fisherman finds a tiny hole in the pads. Hope you pull that big fish right otta there guys!

    A long way to say – no more teasers – we’ve had enough games [helldorado] linger on. Just bring us A) facts, B) stuff. If the figure aesthetic quality is consistently awesome across the board I’ll at least be interested, and probably foolish enough to buy it thinking it’ll get painted/played…. 🙂