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TGN Headed to GenCon next month

So, the "Greatest Four Days in Gaming" is coming up in just a little under 1 month. GenCon is always a good time. I, along with my fearless reporter Spencer and our intrepid cameraman Jonathan, will be there covering the event from every angle possible.

Of course, we want to get as many interviews and demos and such in as possible. So I get to the crux of this post: Do you have a game company and are you going to be at GenCon? If so, we'd love to stop by and talk, saving the conversation for posterity either on video or in the traditional written interview. We'd love to try out your games and share the experience with our readers. Have a big announcement at the show? We'd love to hear about it.
But obviously we can't be everywhere at once (sometimes it's hard to just be in one place at once), so we'd love to schedule ahead as much as possible. So drop me a line at and we can figure out the best time to meet up with you and your company. I look forward to hearing from you.