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TGN has a short interview with the guys at GCT Studios

Recently, the fellas over at GCT Studios were kind enough to fill out a little interview for us for TGN. We hope that this is the first in a series of interviews of this type that we'll be bringing you. Hope you like it.

TGN: For those that may not have seen the intro video on IndieGoGo, tell us a little bit about yourselves. Who are the people behind GCT Studios?

GCT Studios: At its core there are four of us, all coming from different walks of life and different parts of the world (Cuba, South Africa and England) united by our love of all things gaming. We all still work full time and pour all our energy and ideas into the game when work finishes. That said there are a huge number of people that contribute time, effort and expertise such as ‘Rogue’ who is our technical wizard amongst other things. We also get a lot of help from our ‘Retainers’ who really do spread the good word about Bushido.

TGN: Many gamers think to themselves, “I'm going to make a game someday.” What made you decide you wanted to start your own miniatures war game? How long has the idea been rolling around for Bushido?

GCT: Confrontation was a game we played and loved. Just like many others we were devastated when it fell through. We then played a few different games but grew increasingly frustrated waiting for promised mini’s etc that never came. When another quite popular game went to the wall it proved to be the catalyst to prompt us into action. Bushido is almost a year old as I write, however it was about 18 months prior to its launch when we seriously got down to work to make it happen.

TGN: Bushido obviously has a heavy oriental influence. Is there anything particular about Eastern culture that drew you in and made you feel this area was ripe for a game?
A3: Everything about the Orient drips with coolness from stoic samurai to stealthy ninja assassins. Also as you rightly make the distinction ‘Eastern culture’ provides us with a wide and varied background of mythology to draw upon to enrich our own world in which the Jwar Isles are a small part of.

GCT: There are currently 4 factions for Bushido, with a 5th on the way soon. At Salute you did some previews of a 6th. What do you feel separates each of the factions? What sort of elements go into making sure a Prefecture model doesn't play like a Temple model and so forth? How many factions would you ideally like to have in Bushido?
A4: The Indiegogo campaign as I write is still going and it has ensured we can get our 5th faction the Ito to the gaming world as soon as possible. The concepts shown were of the Shiho and we have a distinctive feel for their gameplay in mind, tied in to their scattered nature and the guerrilla warfare campaign they wage across Jwar. We have a distinct feel for each faction and we hope to keep producing factions as long as there are cool themes that distinguish them both visually and on the battlefield as well.

TGN: Speaking of the Ito faction, you've made more than 300% of your goal on IndieGoGo. That must be exciting. What's it like to see such a response from the players to your product?

GCT: It has been an absolute roller coaster for us, we hoped we would make it to the goal within the 30 days and as the number of backers rises and rises we have felt truly grateful to be part of such a responsive community that truly cares for the future of its hobby. It also has helped us know we are on the right track, we read every comment and have been buoyed by peoples enthusiasm and connection to Bushido. The campaign is running until the 2nd of June, now for a shameless plug but here goes…
Check out Bushido's Indiegogo campaign @ $20,000 (We’re currently less than $2,500 away) The 'I want I-Two' Perk ($100) gets you -
12-14 models AND (6) Ito faction dice AND Free worldwide shipping.
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It's a brilliant deal!

TGN: I knew I had to play Bushido when I saw Mizuchi. I saw that dragon and went, “I'm going to play whatever faction uses THAT THING!” What are your individual favorite models from Bushido (either model-wise or play-style wise)?

GCT: We collectively love that model too, but we really find that our favourites seem to shift constantly the Orphan and Wrath for the Cult of Yurei were long up there for me but I have to say Tenshi, the Seishin na Goei is my current favourite.

TGN: Without giving too much away (unless you really want to spill all your secrets for your next couple dozen releases. We'd be ok with that, too), what are you most excited for that's coming up for Bushido?

GCT: The Ito are really getting us going, particularly the Itsunagi or the Geisha and it’s always incredibly exciting sitting on the concept and waiting to see the sculptor’s magical ability to bring them to life. Also the concept for the Wraith has been bandied about a bit, it’s one of our original concepts and we can’t wait to release it!

TGN: Is there anything else you'd like to say to our readers, or anything you'd like to hear from from?

GCT: We love to hear people’s ideas and opinions on all things Bushido and everybody is more than welcome over on our forum. We like to think it is a very friendly and pleasant place to discuss gaming.
Any support people can throw us over on Indiegogo would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.