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TGN Guild Ball Player Analysis: Tater

Hey everyone, and welcome to sort of a mini-review of sorts. At Gen Con, Steamforged Games had a new player available for Guild Ball. Ok, so they had new mascots too, but they also had a new player. It's Tater, the first of the Farmer's Guild (play for full effect). Wanna see his stats? Wanna know what these Harvest Tokens do? Read on.

Tater Mini

Starting out, we get a look at the model, itself. Tater is hanging out, with his sac of, what I assume are potatoes, on his shoulder. He's also carrying a big scythe. Now, my grandparents in Sioux Falls used to grow potatoes, and I know you don't use a scythe to harvest them. However, a scythe will come in handy on the Guild Ball pitch, as we will see later on. The pose is simple, with Tater standing there, looking like a hunk (again, we'll get to more on that later). Farming does keep you in shape, after all. Good detail on the model, and a clean attachment point for the arm. I'll note that this photo is straight-out-of-the-blister. No cleaning of any kind has been done. The reason I say that is because it looks like the model has been cleaned a bit. There's no giant chunks of flash hanging off or anything like that.

That brings us to the stat card for Tater, itself.
He's rather quick at a 6"/8" speed. Good TAC at 5. Moderate Kick at 3/6", DEF 4+ and ARM 0 means he's not the toughest one on the pitch, by any stretch (adding in 16 HP), and 1/3 INF is pretty standard. So good stats across the board.

His playbook is rather interesting. Momentous damage at the low end and very high end, with the specials in the middle. He's got some Push and one GB symbol. Skipping down to that, we get to Mow Down, which lets him Knock Down everyone in his melee range, which is 2", which is a biiiiig area. But be careful, as it'll KD your own models, too.

Tater's other Character Play brings in his Harvest tokens. It's free to use and can remove a Harvest Token from within 4" to let Tater heal 2HP (usable once per turn). Not bad. We get our first taste of what Harvest Tokens can do. We'll see more on the back of the card.

Flipping the card over, I see something that makes me think Tater will get a re-issued card when the final model is released, since one Trait says he can only be used in the Big League. I'm guessing that'll go away for just being part of the Farmer's Guild (play for full effect).

After that we see that this strapping, young farmer's boy is a hit with the ladies, having Charmed (Female). Next we see how he can place a Harvest Token once per turn within 2" of him. After that, we see that Tater can be quite an offensive powerhouse when he charges. He puts that scythe to good use, giving everyone within his 2" reach 3 damage when he charges. Team that up with his Mow Down and you've got 3 damage KD to everyone within 2". Crazy! Tater also is very protective of his Harvest Tokens, being able to counter-charge someone that ends near him, when he's within range of one. So, counter-charge, 3 extra damage, Mow Down. Yeah, that's kinda powerful.

Harvest Tokens

And that just leaves us with Harvest Tokens, themselves. In this version, they're little circles you cut out of the stat card. I can't guarantee it, but I could possibly see these becoming pewter markers, like the Hunters have for their Trap tokens. But only time will tell. Anyway, Harvest Tokens, even when not harvested by a Farmer's Guild (play for full effect) player, will grant you benefits. If they're on the board during the Maintenance Phase, they are removed and give you a +1 bonus to your Influence Pool. As such, the Farmer's Guild (play for full effect) will be able to perform more actions on their turn, since everyone will get some more Influence to work harder.

So, there's a look at Tater and a glimpse of what we can expect from the Farmer's Guild (play for full effect) when they are released with Season 3, coming early next year.

My thanks to Steamforged for the chance to look over the figure and bringing them to Gen Con for those of us lucky enough to go to the show.