TGN GenCon 2008 Swag Giveaway

Update: the contest is now over and the winners have been announced.

One of the great parts of any show is the swag you can get and GenCon 2008 was no different. Sometimes the swag is free and sometimes you need to play a demo, enter a contest or just haggle and cajole people to get goodies.

We know that not everyone can get to GenCon and so we took the opportunity to go through the show and grab various items of swag and we’re giving it away. The only catch is that you can’t enter if you went to GenCon. And we’ll be posting the winner’s names so if you did we’re certain your friends will rat you out if you did go and entered 🙂

We have two “loot piles” to give away this year. Each package contains:

Two other winners will also receive a painted Warmachine terrain from Gale Force 9

There is also some other miscellaneous goodies in the packages as well.

There are two distinct packages this year.

  • The BattleTech package contains the Dawn of the Jihad and Jihad Hotspots 3070 books from Catalyst Game Labs.
  • The Fantasy package will contain a D&D Miniatures Dungeons of Dread booster, LE Heroscape miniature and Rusted Heroes miniature from Fantization Miniatures

Update: Gale Force 9 are going to make the swag giveaway even sweeter by including one of each of their Warmachine terrain items as part of the package. So the winners of the GenCon 2008 swag giveaway will each get two one of the painted Warmachine terrain boxes. The first name drawn will get their choice of terrain piece and the second name will get their choice of the remaining sets. Two other winners will also receive a Warmachine terrain set from the two remaining.

Update 2: Joss at Kraken Editions has added two Alkemy starters to the giveaway. Each winner will get their choice of starter. Please mention if you want the French version.

Update 3: Nate from Wyrd Miniatures emailed me to offer a Malifaux warband for each of the GenCon 2008 swag giveaway winners.

Only one entry per person please. Please select which package you want to get (or no preference if you don’t care). The first winning entry picked will get their choice of packages.

Contest ends September 1st 2008.

This year the skill testing question is:
What US based airline lost Zac’s luggage on both parts of his flight to GenCon?

The answer to the question can be found in one of the GenCon 2008 reports. Thanks to everyone who provided loot for this year’s giveaway.