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TGN Fundraiser prize winners

I have emailed all of the fundraiser sponsors and so it is time to announce the winners of the prizes donated as part of the TGN Fundraiser.

Thanks again to all the sponsors that stepped forward with prizes and everyone who donated.

As you may notice, the winner of the massive Spartan Games mega-prize has not been announced. I will be announcing that winner tomorrow.

Grindhouse Games

  • Incursion Game package Damon Richardson

Corvus Belli

  • Infinity starter package Christopher Bloch

  • Infinity starter package Chi Yong Loh

  • Infinity starter package Mukhsein Johari

Secret Weapon Miniatures

  • $50 gift voucher Wayne Snyder

  • $50 gift voucher Stephen Damato

Warlord Games

  • Hail Caesar! package Drew Mahon

Mantic Games

  • $30 US voucher Jody Kropholler

  • $50 US voucher Shawn Elliott

Dark Age Games

  • Dark Age Apocalypse rulebook Michael Lawler

  • Dark Age Apocalypse rulebook Paul Mullis

  • Dark Age Apocalypse rulebook Kevin Stewart

  • Dark Age Apocalypse rulebook and Forcelists Spencer Taylor

Brigade Models

  • Aeronef Starter Dirk Koch

Tor Gaming

  • Two Relics starter sets Johan Karlsson

Wargaming Trader

  • £15 voucher Dennis Jensen

  • £15 voucher Kevin Bertram

Collins Epic Wargames

  • Signed copy of Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 Mr A M Senior

Mannikin Studios

  • All four present releases from Mannikin Studios Andre Mcinnis

Ambush Alley Games

  • Signed copy of Force on Force and Road to Baghda David Wood

Hydra Miniatures

War Rocket rulebook and Squadron Box Jamie Fischer

Darkson Designs

  • All three AE-WWII books and AE Bounty sci-fi rules Kurt White

Outrider Hobbies

  • $25 gift certificate Darren Moroney

  • $25 gift certificate Michael Chomyk

  • $50 gift certificate Kenneth Warren

West Wind Productions

  • Secrets of the Third Reich starter package Mathieu Therezien

Red Box Games

  • $50 US voucher Brian Davis

  • $50 US voucher Jim Gilstrap

Impact! Miniatures

  • Forceball card game Adam McLaughlin

  • Passing Shot dice game Daniel Tan

  • Dungers Derby the Board Game John Fu

  • Golf Dice game Michael Weaver

  • Roller Derby miniatures team David Brown

  • A Band of Orcs miniatures band Zbigniew Król

Pulp Monsters

  • Pulp Monster prototype Vincent Salamon

Dragon Forge Design

  • $50 US voucher Rui Oliveira

  • $50 US voucher Jane Davies

  • $50 US voucher Steve Benton

  • $50 US voucher Gerard Solis

  • $50 US voucher Ian Henderson

Freebooter Miniatures

  • Freebooter’s Fate starter set Paul Haban

  • Freebooter’s Fate starter set Diego G Mourelle

Ainsty Castings

  • £50 voucher Simon Dixon

  • £50 voucher James Cash

  • £50 voucher Nicholas Riley

  • £50 voucher Thomas Meier

Fat Dragon Games

  • Three terrain or model sets Alexander Wagner

  • Three terrain or model sets Marcus Steffen

  • Three terrain or model sets Daniel Sutantyo

Creative Gamescapes

  • Spaceship X sci-fi spaceship interior terrain Chris Hale

  • Spaceship X sci-fi spaceship interior terrain Nathan Herron

  • Spaceship X sci-fi spaceship interior terrain Andrew Miller

  • Spaceship X sci-fi spaceship interior terrain Michael Sammut

  • Spaceship X sci-fi spaceship interior terrain Andrew Cove

Capitan Games

  • An English or Spanish language printed game James Reeder

Micro Art Studio

  • €50 voucher Frank Picolin

  • €50 voucher Kevin Jacobi

  • €50 voucher Joffrey Muzet

  • €50 voucher Lantz McDonald

KR Multicase

  • backpack storage systems including trays for 400 28mm troops James DeLazzari

Nameless Design Miniatures

  • Giant Deep One and Graveyard John Chris Edmondson

Soda Pop Miniatures

  • Princess Malya Jonathan Finn

  • Sebastian Cross Tina Robinson

  • One Shot Alexander Cauldwell

  • Calico Kate David Munro

  • Kisa David Bishop

Cryptic Studios

  • Star Trek Online license Kate Scott

  • Star Trek Online license Andrew Common

  • Star Trek Online license Stuart Hampton

  • Star Trek Online license Michael Hughes

Chapterhouse Studios

  • $25 voucher Liam Hall

  • $25 voucher Keith Munro

GCT Studios

  • £25 voucher John Sawicki

  • £25 voucher Viktor Carlson

  • £25 voucher Stewart Cross

  • £25 voucher Mukhsein Johari

Unified Theory Games

  • Vortex: Core Rulebook Dustyn Sawall

  • Vortex: Core Rulebook Ian Robinson

Raging Swan Press

  • Pathfinder RPG bundle Jarec Basham

On the Lamb Games

  • $25 voucher Kristy Hunter

  • $25 voucher Travis Marg