TGN February 2011 gaming poll

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Mar 11th, 2011

Tabletop Gaming News is attempting to get an idea of how gamers are spending their time and money. To that end we have two polls.

This poll asks you what games you played in February 2011. You can select up to four options.

The other asks how your spent your gaming dollars during the month.

If you played one or more boardgames this month then please take a moment to fill out our boardgame poll.

Gaming Poll

[poll id=”39″]
  • WM/H. Bring on the next leg of the league!

  • Incursion isn’t on the list.

    • Tor Gaming

      Incursion is on the boardgame poll.

      • So is Dust Tactics, but it makes an appearance here too.

        • Zac

          It shouldn’t be. I’ll make sure it is removed for the next poll.

  • Mechanical.Horizon

    Warmachine and Hordes are two separate games that can be played together, but they still should be separate listings for them.

    After all, you separated Confrontation, and those are just different versions of the same game really. AE:WW2 and AE:Bounty, Warmaster and Warmaster Ancients are listed separately and the rules for those are pretty similar.

    It just seems that two different games should be listed separately.

    • fiendil

      Confrontation 3 and 4 are totally different games. Very different rules, different ways of playing, and different models. 3 was about detailed skirmishes using metal models, 4 was massed combat using prepainted plastic models and much much simpler rules.

      Yes, same company, same mythos and scale, but that’s aboot it.

  • I’m picking nits here, but AE-WWII and AE-Bounty are pretty different games.

    • Mechanical.Horizon

      So are Warmachine and Hordes, they are just compatible systems.

      By combining them together, you don’t put PP on an even footing as other companies on the list, that gives PP a disadvantage from the start.

      • Zac

        As I mentioned in your other comment, the games were separate but were combined based on feedback from readers.

      • fiendil

        It’s not a competition…

      • mathieu

        Besides they are more than “just compatible systems”. The systems are identical, with very few differences between the focus and fury mechanisms. Not combining them is the same as having different categories for every 40k codices because Dark Eldars and Grey Knights have a couple of rules unique to them (for example).

  • I usually only game on weekends… february was DBMM for me.

  • CF 3/3.5, MERCs and Malifaux here!

  • scrivs

    Was the WAB GT so there was 5 games straight away.

  • cannondaddy

    I think Blood Bowl should be moved to the board game poll.

    • Zac

      What does everyone else think?

  • mrbushtroll

    no D&D?????
    come on folks

    • Zac

      The game isn’t supported or available any more