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TGN Feature: The Others: The Horror Within – The Sins Overview

TGN Feature: The Others: The Horror Within – The Sins Overview

Welcome back, TGN Readers. As promised, Darth Nega is back once more with another look into The Others: 7 Sins. We said she knew about everything sinful. Today she proves it with a further look into a couple of the Sins. Take it away, Darth Nega!

Pride. Lust. Wrath. Envy. Greed. Gluttony. Sloth. Each with a reason to exist. And plenty of reasons to wreck every realm they might invade. The Others features the Deadly Sins as the world’s biggest nemesis and today we’re going to dive a little bit into two of them: PRIDE and SLOTH.

Each game session is played against a single type of Sin, making that experience unique. The most overarching effect each of the Sins has on the game is its Sin Power. It permanently affects the game, and the Hero Players need to always take it into consideration when planning their actions, or they will be doomed for sure.

PRIDE is big. And bad. And it will hurt you. You think you can take it on your own? Well, that sounds awfully prideful, and it will cost you. Any hero fighting alone automatically loses 1 defense when Pride is around. So swallow that pride and huddle together, if you want to stand any chance.

SLOTH is the one that makes you want to just stay where you are. After all, there’s no point in running and… BOOM. Dead. Guess what is his special ability? Yes, he slows down Heroes. If you try to move at a normal pace, it will hurt quite a bit. Might as well just sit back and watch the world crumble into oblivion…

Each of the Sins’ influence in the game is further enforced through the use of the Sin Cards. These special cards affect the game in many different ways, tied to the overall theme of the particular Sin being played. Sin cards are played in response to Hero Player actions, perhaps hindering their progress, or bolstering monsters during fight, or presenting Heroes with terrible choices between sacrificing something they need, or harming the group as a whole. These cards are obtained trough dark rituals being performed at altars spread across the board. Unless the Heroes make the effort of neutralizing these, the Sin will have an unstoppable arsenal of terrible things to spring at the heroes.

Each Sin employs a number of different monsters to manifest its influence, terrorize the city, and tear heroes to pieces. The most powerful of them is certainly the Avatar of Sin. But thankfully this hulking nightmare will only show up at a specific point in the story being played.

The lieutenant of Sin is the Controller. This powerful figure is in the game from the very beginning, but there’s only one, so the Sins Player needs to use him strategically.

Much more common, but still very frightening, are the Abominations. These grotesque monsters can still hold their own against most Heroes. But if the Abominations manage to gang-up on you, you’ll need more than FAITH to survive.

The Sins Player has one more kind of monstrosity, the lowly Acolytes, but we’ll delve into these traitors of mankind next time.

Countdown to Kickstarter: 5 days till the nightmare begins.