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TGN Feature: The Others: Story Boards and Apocalypse Track – Choosing the course of action

TGN Feature: The Others: Story Boards and Apocalypse Track – Choosing the course of action

Are you ready, everyone? The Kickstarter for The Others: 7 Sins starts later today. There’s still time, though, for Darth Nega to give us a bit more information about how the game works. Today’s topics are the Story Boards and Apocalypse Track.

One thing that makes life seem fair is the existence of choice. It makes us think we’ve got it all and that we are responsible for our own path. But are we? Aren’t these beings corrupting everything and making humans think that they are owners of their destinies, when, in fact, Sins mold the reality so our choices actually reflect their interests and desires? Most people wouldn’t own up to it, and never acknowledge that the real truth might be a lot different than what they believe. How about you? Do you still trust your own perception of reality?

The Sins plan all kinds of strategies to take over the world. Heroes need different approaches to fight back. All those diverse situations are defined by the Story Board picked for each game.

The players need to choose a Story to play, from the ones available in the Story Boards. Players can either mutually agree on a Story, or they can choose to pick one at random. There are 3 general types of Stories in The Others:

Terror – These Stories focus on combat and action, and are generally more straightforward.

Corruption – These Stories focus on the heroes’ struggle to resist corruption and rid the city of it.

Redemption – These Stories focus on saving the city from varied crisis and specific missions.

The Story Boards have a branching system with different missions for players to choose which one to pursuit. If players can’t seem to agree on a mission, the Sins player must choose for them. One by one, the heroes must accomplish the missions laid before them. If they manage to complete the last one, they are victorious and the evil is banished… for a time.

But the longer they take, and the more they allow the Sin to take hold, it gets even stronger, and that is reflected in the Apocalypse Track. It exists to mark the progression of the Sin’s power as the game goes on. The longer the Heroes take to accomplish their Missions, the stronger the Sin will become, until it becomes nigh-impossible for the Heroes to withstand the oncoming doom.

The Apocalypse Level will move up according to the instructions of the chosen Story Board. Whenever the Apocalypse Level is raised, the instructions displayed next to the new Level must be followed. When the game reaches the Apocalypse Level 7, the Heroes don’t immediately lose, the game just becomes incredibly difficult for them! At this point the Apocalypse Level can’t be raised anymore. The effects of the Apocalypse Track are cumulative. So, for example, when the game is at Level 4, the effects of Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be active.

Every other Apocalypse Level indicates that an Apocalypse card must be revealed. They are made to, guess what? Yes, bring apocalypse right now. The effects described in the card are now active for the rest of the game, unless stated otherwise.


So pick your battles wisely, team up and face the Sins straight on. No time to lose.

Countdown to Kickstarter: only a few hours. Be prepared, or be consumed.