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TGN Feature: The Others: Meet the Heroes of the Alpha Team

Today we continue our preview look at The Others: 7 Sins. We have guest writer Darth Nega (who has the inside scoop on all things sinful) with us to go over some information about the heroes of FAITH. Plus! We have the official launch date announcement, too!

“Focus. Trust the team. Ignore distractions.”
– Rocco de Curtis

To battle beings from another dimension one must have resilience, nerve, and talent. Monster-killing talent, to be more precise. These are some of the pre-requisites for joining FAITH and dealing with abominations and much more. Today we’re going to dive a little bit into these extraordinary people. They may have a little too much in common with the monsters they fight, but they’re humanity’s only hope.


The seven Heroes that come in the core game box are divided into four classes: Leader, Sniper, Fixer, and Bruiser. The Leader in a FAITH team is usually a very well-rounded and capable individual, who excels at supporting their teammates. The Snipers are essential for dealing with threats from a distance. The streets of the city of Haven have become infested with monstrosities, and putting them down before they can get close to you can be invaluable. The Fixers are normally not amazing fighters, but their intelligence, knowledge of the occult, and sheer resourcefulness are key to resolving all manner of crises that will hinder the team’s progress. And finally, we have the Bruisers. They beat monsters to a pulp, simple as that. It is only with this healthy mix of varied heroes that FAITH can hope to overcome the forces of Sin.

So now, let’s meet the characters and some of their abilities:


LEADER – Leah Solomon
The Leader is Leah Solomon, which you’ve met in our previous article. She is a scientist, with military training and plenty of disposition to exterminate monstrosities. She uses her research knowledge to give other Heroes extra turns.


SNIPER – Brad Holcomb
Brad used to be a police detective, a talent he discovered when he was young. He may have some rage outbursts with the right triggers, like seeing little children in danger. He’s a skilled gunman with a demolitions expertise. He can easily blow up Abominations, but the team will have to deal with the conflagration left in its wake.


SNIPER – Rocco de Curtis
Former special ops, an expert on several classes of firearms. Behind all that skill, lies a man with a closed personality, who doesn’t share much about his past life. His expert marksmanship gives him two additional hits when making ranged attacks from a distance. Headshot.


FIXER – Rose
Born from an experiment conducted by the Hell Club, she’s half human and half alien. Even though she looks older, she’s only 5 years old and has the world view of an individual in her mid to late teens, so she doesn’t quite get people just yet. She has supernatural mental abilities that allow her to overcome the minds of Abominations and Acolytes, moving them where she wishes.



FIXER - Karl
Do you know werewolves? Well, now you do. Karl is a shape-shifter with more than 2.000 years old. Due to a long lasting fight with the Vampires, he has a great mind for war tactics and was convinced by Morgana to join Faith and smash the incoming menace. When in his human form, he is tougher to corrupt than the other Heroes.


BRUISER – Thorley
Rose’s brother, also an experiment. He is slow-witted, but not stupid and highly protective of his sister. He is deeply troubled with his appearance, so when he can disguise himself, he goes to a pub. He is a protector for all the group and whenever a friend takes some damage, he may cancel some of it.


BRUISER – Morgana
Most possibly, one of the most dangerous beings on Earth, she is the last of the Vampires. For the last thousand years, she’s been manipulating humankind to her whim, from the shadows. She finances FAITH, but she leaves the leadership to Doctor Leah. One thing that may have been keeping her alive is that she heals herself from time to time.

So which ones are your favorites? Do you think that this team will be able to cast the Others back to where they came? Only time will tell.

As for the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, that will begin on September 10th! Stay tuned here until then with more previews about what you can expect to find in The Others: 7 Sins!