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TGN Feature: The Others – Everything you need to know about Corruption

TGN Feature: The Others – Everything you need to know about Corruption

Darth Nega has once again graced us with her presence and once more gives us a look inside The Others: 7 Sins. Today’s update is all about corruption. I guess that makes sense coming from someone named “Darth Nega.”

Sins exist to bring people to the brink, and then they fall into the abyss. They make us have desires that none should ever feel. They surpass our humanity’s threshold and forfeit our sanity, leaving us with nothing but hopeless desperation.

Corruption is usually something that Heroes don’t even want to be near. But in The Others, sometimes it might be interesting to give in to its calling and embrace the chaos that follows. Corruption can help you overcome the toughest obstacle, but, if you’re not careful, it might turn you into the very thing you’re trying to defeat. Each Hero Dashboard has a Corruption Track, where players keep track of their Corruption Level and the bonuses offered to them by the seductive forces of corruption.

The game’s corruption system basically works in two ways. First is when you voluntarily choose to take a corruption, and second is when it happens due to the Sins player’s actions. First, let’s take a look at the Hero’s Dashboard below. The Corruption Track shows the effect corresponding to each Corruption Level. The Tentacle marker starts on Level 1 and moves forward until it reaches Level 7. When a Hero reaches maximum Corruption, he is unable to voluntarily take any more Corruption, unless he first lowers his Corruption through a City Action or other means. The Corruption itself doesn’t kill the Heroes, but if they are dealt more Corruption when at Level 7, they start taking Wounds instead (and Wounds certainly DO kill you!)

Whenever a Hero is about to make a dice roll (no matter with what purpose), he can choose to take one Voluntary Corruption to increase his odds of being successful. If he takes Voluntary Corruption, he gets the bonuses granted by his Corruption Track. To do so, he raises his Corruption Level by one by moving his Tentacle marker one slot to the right. The bonus you get is the one directly below your Tentacle marker position after you take the corruption and all the visible ones before that to the left. When you take Wounds, you must choose which bonuses to cover, so you may have bonuses covered to the left and not benefit from them until you heal.

One important thing is that Heroes can only take one Voluntary Corruption before each dice roll, and this choice must always happen before any dice are rolled. Also, the Corruption bonuses only apply to the dice roll upon which you take Corruption. On subsequent rolls, the hero benefits from no bonuses (unless he voluntarily raises his Corruption Level again).
When a Hero takes a Forced Corruption, he raises his Corruption Level by one by moving his Tentacle marker one slot to the right. However, this grants no benefits to the Hero, only bringing him closer to being consumed, though he becomes potentially more powerful for when he takes Voluntary Corruption.

So what will be your strategy? Give in to the temptation for more power or remain untainted and struggling even harder?

Countdown to Kickstarter: 2 days til doom.