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TGN Feature: The Others: Acolytes – Following the path of Sin

TGN Feature: The Others: Acolytes – Following the path of Sin

In The Others: 7 Sins, beings from another world are trying to infiltrate into our own. But they’re not just doing it alone. They’re getting help from the population of everyday people. Today, Darth Nega gives us a bit of a look into these corrupted individuals.
… Hey, should we be concerned about how much she knows about this sort of stuff!?

When you first think about what’s worse about the Earth being invaded by unimaginable creatures, one would think that the creatures itself would be the answer. However, even worse are the humans that decide to make a pact and dedicate their lives to Sin.

Since they are Sin’s servants, the Acolytes are granted some powers from these entities, usually bringing a little bit more despair to the table. There are several Acolytes with different abilities for you to choose from, so you can create some cool matches between your Sin and your chosen Acolyte’s power.

Acolytes are the weakest of monsters, but they can be used strategically to hinder the heroes’ movement, or aid a stronger monster in a fight. But what truly sets each Acolyte apart is their unique power, which can be used once per round. When the power is activated, a dead Acolyte can be brought back to the board to join a fight, and each of them influences the game in a different way:

Nuns were supposed to do good, to be faithful, to spread words of virtue. But not these ones. At least, not anymore. When a Corrupted Nun is summoned to a fight, the Sins player replaces a City Action from that district with a Corruption token.

Doctors usually are those that fix people up. Those that care, that dedicate their lives to making people feel better. Unless they are trying to kill you or corrupt you instead. When the Doctors are summoned, the current Hero can no longer heal for that round.


Hobos are the ones that always knew that the end was near. They’ve tried to warn us. But did we listen? Well, I guess nobody did, and now they’ve joined the forces of the apocalypse. Hobos will try to take your stuff, simple as that. You might just find that the weapon or equipment you were counting on to win a fight is suddenly out of your reach until next round.

Countdown to Kickstarter: 3 days till the mayhem is upon us.